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    Plan de mercadeo iAgency
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Santiago Pereira, Ángela Carolina; Henríquez Díaz, Ángela María
    In the revolutionary world of marketing, everyday companies deal with different challenges that require the skills of leaders and teams capable of carrying out actions that mobilize the evolution of the companies, in order to last in time and be competitive in the market in which they are located. This objective requires the rigor of a marketing plan such as the one presented below, in which concepts are developed, an analysis is established and a work structure is built with tools for the formulation, planning, control and evolution of the main objectives, which will represent for the company iAgency the establishment and growth of the business.
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    Evolución del comportamiento de compra y consumo del shopper figital en plataformas digitales en Colombia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Agudelo Herrera, Alejandra; Hurtado Yepes, Luis Miguel; Sepúlveda Cardona, Edwin Andrés
    The global health problem experienced in 2020 brought variations in the behavior and habits of Colombian consumers, leading society in general to have more contact with the digital environment in different aspects of their lives; leading a change in the social and economic dynamics, which in turn boosted electronic commerce in general because it became strategic to boost the country's economy. The brands had to adapt to a new environment and saw the need to harmonize the experience of the physical channel with the digital channel to improve the value proposition and vice versa. For the development of the theme, concentrated our analysis and study in Colombia, in the period of time that covers from December 2019 to mid-2023; used an exploratory-descriptive investigative process; interviewed managers and Directors of fashion Companies in Colombia, multiple choice polls to costumers, in order to find the key aspects that the companies under study must adopt to improve the experience for their users and their proposal of value on digital platforms, understanding the importance of the new “Phygital” consumer.
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    Análisis de la experiencia de los estudiantesde posgrado de la Universidad EAFIT - sede Medellín, en el proceso de matrícula
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Sánchez Chapetón, Diana Katherine; Bernal Bernal, María Clara; Bedoya Jiménez, Julián Esteban; Agudelo Calle, Jhonny Alejandro
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    Identificación de las oportunidades de mejora en la experiencia de usuario del sitio web de preguntas frecuentes de Bancolombia para personas con un perfil explorador
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Rave Restrepo, Beatriz Elena; Pérez Molano, Olga Lucía; Higuita Olaya, Daniel
    Organizations use website FAQs to improve the user experience, but Bancolombia's FAQ saw 18.5 million visits in 2020 with a 40% dissatisfaction rate. This study uses mixed, descriptive research to identify ways to enhance information quality, accessibility, content personalization, and navigation. The findings can help Bancolombia increase site visits, reduce dissatisfaction, and improve customer service in the banking sector, with future research opportunities.
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    Análisis y desarrollo de estrategias para aumentar el posicionamiento de la empresa Aceites y Repuestos AUTOVAN
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Vanegas Sánchez, Juliana; Henríquez Diaz, Ángela María
    AUTOVAN is a traditional company in the spare parts sector, with a presence of over 45 years in the city of Pereira. It specializes in the commercialization of automotive spare parts. Initially, it started as a miscellaneous store for multi-brand spare parts, and later shifted its focus to the manufacturing of clutches under its own brand. Currently, AUTOVAN is exclusively dedicated to the marketing of automotive spare parts, including repair kits for Diesel vehicles, sales and repairs of turbochargers, and its flagship product, the sale of Mac brand batteries for gasoline cars. This project focuses directly on positioning the AUTOVAN brand in the Coffee Axis (Armenia, Pereira, and Manizales) to be recognized as the leading company in the marketing of Mac brand batteries. The study involves the development of a marketing plan, beginning with an analysis of the internal and external environment of the company to identify its challenges and opportunities. Subsequently, the battery market is investigated, and based on the environmental possibilities, a strategic objective is proposed, which concentrates on positioning the AUTOVAN brand. To ensure the achievement of the objective, various strategies are proposed. These strategies are expected to be implemented through different activities that will allow the company to validate the market and establish a strong brand presence.
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    Propuesta plan de mercadeo Gedecol S.A.S
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Montoya Londoño, Luisa Fernanda; Henríquez Díaz, Ángela María
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    Motivación de compra de ropa interior femenina en el Valle de Aburrá
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Acevedo Martelo, Tomás; Giraldo Vargas, Alejandra; Acevedo Mejía, Erika Cristina; Restrepo Reyes, Natalia
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    Perfil del visitante eafitense foráneo nacional e internacional. Segmentación por motivaciones hacia el hospedaje en Medellín
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Muñoz Gallego, Daniela; Chavarría Rendón, Johan Andrés; Castrillón Orrego, Sergio Alonso
    Knowing the motivations, needs and aspirations of each individual is essential so that decision-making is the result of reasonable and sufficient knowledge beyond mere intuition. For this reason, it is necessary to understand foreign students who come to Universidad EAFIT, both national and international, during their academic mobility, when searching for accommodation, identifying their profile and specific characteristics, investigating what motivates them when searching a place to stay, provide them with specific benefits that respond to their unmet needs, and creating proposals that aim at their integrity and find possible accommodation solutions that facilitate off-campus housing. To have a clear overview of the study situation, 57 surveys and six interviews were carried out –whose guides are found in the appendices section– as well as a complete documentary analysis that addresses the research problem, the related question and the objectives, providing a solid context and justifying the importance of the inquiry. Additionally, theoretical approaches and methodological strategies were integrated to obtain a more complete understanding of the motivations, needs and aspirations of the individuals who decide to travel and study at EAFIT.
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    De la inspiración a la percepción : evaluación del propósito de marca y la propuesta de valor de Sífera en el mercado de accesorios
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Gil Ramírez, Mariana; Gómez Tamayo, Daniela; Echeverry Gómez, Simón
    This undergraduate thesis structures and validates the brand purpose and value proposition of a new miyuki accessories brand called Sífera in the market. This is achieved through a market analysis and study aimed at enhancing its recognition and achieving a strong regional and national positioning. This involves creating effective strategies that align Sífera's unique values and benefits with the needs and desires of its target audience. To validate this, surveys are utilized to assess customers' perception of Sífera's value proposition in order to identify areas for improvement and strengthen the brand's position in local and national markets. Additionally, research is conducted to identify key segments and analyze direct and indirect competitors. A crucial aspect of the thesis involves defining Sífera's brand purpose and values, as well as a precise mission, vision, and values statement that aligns with the needs and demands of the target market. Finally, based on the research results and findings, concrete recommendations and actions are proposed to enhance and improve Sífera's brand purpose and value proposition.
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    Plan de posicionamiento turístico del municipio de Zapatoca, con el fin de mejorar su competitividad como destino turístico del país
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Delgado León, María Alejandra; Rojas de Francisco, Laura Isabel; Giraldo Aristizábal, Juan Camilo
    This study stems from the need to improve the competitiveness of Zapatoca as a tourist destination by facing challenges such as lack of recognition, competition with other destinations, the need to diversify its offer, improve the visitor experience, take advantage of its underutilized potential, generate positive economic effects, ensure sustainability and conservation in tourism development, as well as encourage the collaboration and participation of various stakeholders to enrich the process and achieve greater adherence to the proposed strategies. The methodology used to achieve the objectives of this research has a mixed descriptive approach, carrying out an analysis of the current situation of tourism in the municipality, including a review of the existing tourism offer, the identification of the main attractions and tourism resources of the area, as well as an analysis of the demand and profile of visitors. The main result of this research highlights that in the voices of the OTAS's and tourists who participated in the study, there is a highly positive perception of Zapatoca as a desirable tourist destination. This phenomenon underlines the presence of seductive qualities and attractive elements in the place that influence the favorable impression that travelers have of the municipality, being compared to other destinations with higher positioning. Finally, it is concluded that despite having a rich natural, cultural, and architectural heritage, there is a lack of organization of tourism promoters in the municipality and the current offer is focused on two sites of interest, so there are opportunities to promote tourism through digital media that are under- explored.
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    Plan de mercadeo de 2023-2024 para una Pyme de Medellín, Colombia, orientado al nuevo mercadeo de servicios
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Herrera López, Brodny Yessid; Tamayo Bustamante, Jairo Alejandro
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    Análisis de la toma de decisión para un procedimiento estético en la ciudad de Medellín
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Pasos Pérez, Stephany; Parente Laverde, Ana María
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    Motivaciones de las mujeres de Medellín acerca del consumo de marcas cosméticas en la categoría green beauty
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2022) Zapata Vélez, Esteban; Mejía Gil, María Claudia; Ceballos Ochoa, Lina María
    The cosmetic industry is highly polluting for the environment, including problems of packaging, toxic waste, animal testing, aerosols and water waste in production; contributing to ocean pollution, damage to ecosystems and the destruction of the ozone layer, resulting in the increase of temperature worldwide. In the last 30 years, proposals and offers of Green Beauty products have been developed to help or prevent these effects, being one of the fastest growing industries in the leading countries in the world. However, the availability of these products in Colombia is limited and the motivations and perceptions of women regarding this issue are not known. The objective of this research is to inquire about the motivations of women in Medellin regarding the purchase and consumption of Green Beauty brands, with people between 20-34 years of age, through quantitative data collection and analysis techniques. The information seeks to contribute to the cosmetic industry in the city and the country, through the clarification of the motivations of these consumers, their needs in the purchase of these products, involvement in the category and possible strategies and ways to address the issue of sustainability in the country's cosmetic industry. It is found in the study that the population with knowledge of sustainability is low and this can be related to lack of interest in the category. Purchasing motivations prevail in order of price, this being the most relevant purchase factor, and the Green Beauty category is perceived as more expensive than normal, affecting the engagement and the purchase intent of these products. In the average age of the investigation, there is evidence of a low involvement with the category and the relevance of the use of the products for the consumer is not significant.
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    Slow Fashion : realidad y retos de las marcas en Colombia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Restrepo Correa, Laura Camila; Kerguelen Correa, Cynthia Elena; Ceballos Ochoa, Lina María
    The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and one of the best known for its poorly paid and undervalued workforce. For decades, work has been done to be more aware of the care of resources and the environment, which is why different movements were born worldwide to reduce negative impacts; one of them is known as slow fashion. This study pretends to understand this movement in Colombia, its main objective was to determine the challenges faced by Colombian brands that have slow fashion as their philosophy. To do this, it was essential to identify the Colombian brands that currently have this model as a philosophy; define the characteristics they must have and study the advantages and disadvantages of this model. In this qualitative research, data was collected through observation and short interviews with owners of Colombian sustainable fashion brands. In general terms, the study showed that brands have a similar concept regarding slow fashion and its characteristics, alluding to the fact that this model is defined as the marketing of high-quality garments with timeless designs, always based on sustainability from all its fronts, such as waste management, use of environmentally friendly raw material and good working conditions for their employees. It was found that for some brands, the issue of sustainability is part of a commercial and marketing strategy. In contrast, for others, it is a true philosophy that aligns with all their purposes and actions. On the other hand, the main challenges that these brands mentioned are related to the high costs of raw materials and little knowledge about the importance of sustainability from consumers who do not value this type of initiative. These findings allowed us to have a real vision of the challenges that brands currently face when implementing this business model and based on these, some recommendations were made so that current and future fashion brands can mitigate these challenges and implement a slow fashion model with a better understanding of the environment.
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    Aspectos que influyen en la decisión de compra de vestuario fabricado a partir de materiales reciclados
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Betancur Rendón, Diana Milena; Díaz Muñoz, Lina María; Mejía Gil, María Claudia
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    Plan de mercadeo para la marca Ruah en Colombia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Giraldo Alzate, Daniel Felipe; Henríquez Díaz, Ángela María
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    Estudio de factibilidad para el desarrollo de una plataforma digital en pro del turismo estético en Tuluá (Valle del Cauca) para 2023
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Urriago Escobar, Juan Felipe; Apraez Guarín, Nelly Verónica; Zapata Montoya, Mauricio Fernando
    This project was based on market research which had as a general purpose to recognize the feasibility to develop a digital platform in pro of aesthetic tourism in Tuluá (Valle del Cauca) by 2023. To achieve this, the parameters that delimit the descriptive approach were applied , which allowed them to expose in detail each one of the findings that took place in conducting a fundamental field work on the applicability of a survey formulated to 12 people selected for convenience. Likewise, the parameters of the exploratory and qualitative method were taken into account, managing to establish that there is not only a potential foreign demand for this sector, but also that there are quality services that satisfy the needs and expectations of each of the clients.
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    Agencia de consultoría en mercadeo para emprendedores y pymes en el eje cafetero
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Valderrama Narváez, José Eduardo; Gómez Restrepo, Laura Lizeth; Arias Cuesta, Lina María; Sepúlveda Cardona, Edwin Andrés
    Based on the problems identified in the sectors of entrepreneurs and pymes in Pereira city, which has a great impact on the economy of the Coffee Region, where there is evidence of a high number of such companies that close in their first year of opening and considering that in the Chamber of Commerce of Pereira there are no consulting companies registered in the 2021 business census of traders. Therefore, this study provides a comprehensive overview of marketing status in the sample taken, as well as important information regarding the value proposition for the creation of the marketing agency / accelerator for entrepreneurs and pymes in the Coffee Region, considering the impact on the regional economy. For this purpose, a mixed non-probabilistic exploratory study was conducted with data analysis employing three methods that allowed the triangulation of the information through in-depth interviews with experts, surveys with multiple choice questions and systematic review of indexed journals. This rigorous approach adds credibility and consistency to the study. Consequently, the results obtained reveal the specific needs of pymes in the Coffee Region and provide valuable insights and recommendations to address and mitigate this is and provide valuable insights and recommendations to address and mitigate this issue.
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    Propuesta de modelo de experiencia de clientes, a partir de las oportunidades identificadas en estudios previos de experiencia y valores percibidos de la empresa TRV-COL
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Suárez Contreras, Andrés Felipe; Rivera Saab, Juan José; López Moreno, Martha Cecilia; Botero Cardona, Andrés
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