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    Motivadores que se presentan al tomar la decisión de compra de un servicio para cuidado de mascotas
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Bermúdez Sánchez, Magda Lorena; Acevedo Mejía, Erika Cristina; Rodríguez Eslava, Juan Felipe
    Today it is part of a cultural anthropology to have a pet in the conformation of households, whether it is included as part of the family or by decision of not having children, opening up possibilities of participation in a growing market. Therefore, the purpose of this exploratory research with a mixed approach will allow to know the motivations that are held around pets that characterize this segment of the population and establish a cause-effect relationship between Jobs to be done, archetypes with the collective unconscious and the actions that are performed to take services around their pets. With all the information gathered in this work, it was found that the motivations for having a pet are inclined towards emotional needs, as they have them out of love for them, they complement their lives and/or families; and for social needs by making, it possible to form communities or tribes. It is found that the activities that users do most with their pets are those of fun and satisfaction of basic needs; and users are profiled with behavioural patterns (archetypes) such as the carer, the ruler and the rebel. This venture may be possible as long as it focuses on providing services that cover all the needs of pet users.
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    Estrategias de medición para conocer la rentabilidad de la inversión en experiencia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Peña Sepúlveda, Laura Catalina; Mejía Gil, María Claudia; Bejarano Botero, Luis Mauricio
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    Análisis del comportamiento de la separación de residuos en la fuente
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Giraldo Morales, Camila; Velásquez Fernández, Kelly Patricia; Mejía Gil, María Claudia; Muñoz Molina, Yaromir de Jesús
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    Modelo de agencia in house de marketing y publicidad como dinamizadora de espacios académicos y empresariales
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Aristizábal Posada, Verónica; Sepúlveda Cardona, Edwin Andrés; Mejía Gil, María Claudia
    Currently in academic and business environments, marketing and advertising plays a fundamental role that allows the creation of strategies that promote the marketing of products and services. This project presents a research proposal that aims to know the relevance of the creation of a marketing and advertising agency, implemented at EAFIT University; seeking a benefit for the growth, evolution and fulfillment of the objectives of the Marketing and Innovation area in the organization. It is presented in response to the need that exists in the hiring of external advertising agencies and looking for alternatives that allow the development of effective campaigns to reach the public of interest. To address these objectives, a qualitative research was conducted to in house advertising agencies in the city of Medellin and to know the organizational scheme to identify opportunities and advantages that lead to determine the long-term impact to strengthen the internal processes of academic institutions and business organizations. In this research, a collection and analysis of primary and secondary data such as case studies and websites was carried out. A total of 9 semi-structured interviews were conducted with experts in the field of advertising, area directors in important and recognized companies in the market, which finally provided possible arguments that would allow us to determine the long-term impact of the project in order to strengthen the internal processes of academic institutions and business organizations. In this research, a collection and analysis of primary and secondary data such as case studies and websites was carried out. A total of 9 semi-structured interviews were conducted with experts in the field of advertising, area directors in important and recognized companies in the market, which finally provided possible arguments that allowed making decisions on the relevance and feasibility of establishing an in-6 house advertising agency to contribute to the advancement of communication strategies in organizations and educational institutions
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    Plan de mercadeo - Extensión del servicio de Doctor Autos para el público en general
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Serna Salazar, Meiber; Tamayo Bustamante, Jairo Alejandro
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    Plan de mercadeo para la Asociación de Líderes de Marketing & Ads (ALMA)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Bernal Cardozo, María Fernanda; Guzmán Garzón, Catalina Cecilia
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    Plan de mercadeo Juanna Home
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Zuluaga Granobles , Daniel Alberto; Ruiz Velásquez, María Andrea
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    De la Cruz Eventos y Publicidad S.A.S.
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Giraldo González, Sebastián; Tamayo Bustamante, Jairo Alejandro
    This degree work presents a comprehensive marketing plan for DE LA CRUZ EVENTOS Y PUBLICIDAD S.A.S., a company with more than eleven years in the events and advertising market in the Eje Cafetero region of Colombia. The plan focuses on increasing the company's turnover by 25% by 2024, specifically focusing on digital marketing strategies. The document begins with a contextualization of the company, describing its origin, trajectory and main events carried out, which has allowed it to gain regional recognition. Then the mission and vision of the company are established, as well as its business model and a detailed analysis of the market and competition in the advertising sector, especially in the BTL (Below The Line) field. An exhaustive analysis of the company's external and internal environment is carried out, identifying key factors that affect its performance and opportunities for improvement. A SWOT matrix (Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths and Threats) is used to evaluate the current situation of the company. The size of the company's target market and its current market share are described. It is concluded that the company is in a market introduction phase, with considerable recognition, but with potential to increase its participation. The plan establishes specific objectives, strategies and tactics to achieve the overall goal of increasing revenue. It is proposed to conduct qualitative market research to understand the needs and expectations of potential customers, as well as the online purchasing process for advertising services. A digital strategy is proposed based on personalization, improving the user experience in the online purchasing process and the integration of new opportunities in social networks and content marketing. A detailed investment budget exclusively related to the execution of the marketing plan is presented, as well as a schedule of activities for its implementation. Expected sales and profits are projected, as well as the infrastructure and human resources requirements necessary to carry out the plan. Finally, key performance indicators (KPIs) are established to measure the success of the plan, a results control plan and contingency plans to address possible challenges during the implementation of the plan. The work concludes with lessons learned from the perspective of marketing, organization and the intervention process, highlighting the importance of this marketing plan for the growth and consolidation of DE LA CRUZ EVENTOS Y PUBLICIDAD S.A.S. in the regional market.
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    Plan de mercado para la empresa Alcom Comercializadora en el municipio de Calarcá - Quindío
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Rosas Herrada, Manuel Alejandro; López Moreno, Martha Cecilia
    Alcom Comercializadora, throughout its seven years in the market, has never had a marketing plan that allows it to have a valuegenerating marketing mix for the HoReCa channel in which it operates. Additionally, its current portfolio should be enhanced for gastronomic microenterprises, which make up 96% of the industry in Quindío. Therefore, a marketing plan is proposed with the aim of identifying 10 product references that meet the needs of these gastronomic businesses. The method for developing this starts with a quantitative research with a behavioral purchasing focus in 18 gastronomic businesses, representing 25% of Alcom's client portfolio in the HoReCa channel. The research instrument is conducted digitally through the Qualtrics tool and consists of questions related to the styles of gastronomic businesses, reasons for purchase, preferred or necessary product lines, purchase frequency, sales channels, among others. Additionally, the research results identified 5 product references focused on fast food restaurants and 5 references for café businesses. Finally, these previous results allowed for the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy for the portfolio with a much clearer focus on the HoReCa channel, providing Alcom Comercializadora with competitive advantages and, in the long term, making it the market leader in the Quindío department.
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    Plan de mercadeo para el proyecto Medellín Digital Talent
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Jaramillo Velásquez, Carlos Andrés; Castaño Aristizábal, Juan Felipe
    This paper aims to put forward a marketing plan for Medellín Digital Talent (MDT), a possible Ruta N’s spin off. To achieve this, was presented the company, its strategic focus, an analysis of the external and internal situation, i.e, a competitive analysis of the industry, of the external and internal environment and its variables, and was raised the swot matrix. Also, a market analysis was conducted, qualitative research, it was proposed the deployment of the marketing strategies, its budget, schedule, sales and profits forecast, control and follow-up mechanisms, and finally, lessons learned were collected. That’s how it was found that few cities supply and technological option that connects trainers, people with digital skills and companies, that communities are redefining the future, that’s not easy to differentiate if a platform doesn’t organize as a community with a sturdy value proposition, which causes immediate interest and even allows us to overcome indirect competitors; that MDT must take advantage of the ability of its main peer, Ruta N, to mobilize the city. The above can make MDT become an option for creating revenue other than renting office space; getting back part of the value is creates for Medellín. This marketing plan expectation is to comply with MDT’s needs and contributes to its development.
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    Plan de mercadeo empresa distribuidora Peto, Cartago – Valle del Cauca
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Quintero Gómez, Carlos Humberto; Sanclemente Téllez, Juan Carlos
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    Plan de mercadeo para la empresa RedAgro
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Cardona Ocampo, Carolina; Rendón Montoya, Juan Rodrigo
    An endless number of companies in different economic industries struggle to distinguish themselves from their competitors in a constant price war. In these cases, the price cannot be ignored as a determining factor in the customer's purchase decision, however, more factors have an impact on this decision and one of the most relevant is the brand. Companies must have something that differentiates them, that communicates what they want to offer their customers, beyond their products and services. A well-developed brand allows a close relationship by establishing its operation based on the value it wants to offer to its external and internal customers. This demands a transversal presence in the organization, where each person understands the purpose of the brand and its value within it. A brand generates something to be remembered for and determines how it wants to relate to its customers, being far from being just a logo or a group of colors. This work highlights, at a strategic level, the importance of positioning a brand through its communication with its customers. A clear example of this approach is the company RedAgro, dedicated to the marketing of agro-veterinary products. In this paper, an exhaustive analysis of the RedAgro organization in the B2B market has been carried out to understand its opportunities, and as a result, several strategies focused on the marketing mix have been proposed, with special emphasis on brand positioning and communication.
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    Atributos para el posicionamiento de la marca región Antioquia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Soto Cárdenas, Leidy Carolina; Restrepo Díaz, David Alejandro
    Currently, Colombia is experiencing a 175,8 % increase in the influx of non-resident visitors, with Medellín standing out as the second city receiving the most tourists after Bogotá. This phenomenon highlights the tourist potential of Antioquia, making it a key destination for regional economic development. In this context, the creation of a regional brand becomes indispensable for driving economic growth through the tourism identity of the Antioquia department. This research, part of the Master's program in Marketing at EAFIT University, aims to establish the attributes for effectively positioning the Antioquia regional brand. To achieve this, a study was conducted on nine municipalities recognized as prominent tourist destinations in the Antioquia region. The methodology employed is qualitative, utilizing exploratory research techniques to delve into the perceptions and experiences of both residents and visitors. It is expected that the results obtained will provide a deeper understanding of the distinctive elements that characterize Antioquia as a tourist destination, as well as the areas of opportunity that can be leveraged to strengthen its positioning in the national and international markets. Additionally, these findings will serve as a starting point for future research and strategies related to the construction of the Antioquia regional brand, thus contributing to the sustainable development and economic growth of the region as a whole.
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    Proceso de decisión de compra de vestuario casual femenino a través del celular
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Williamson Palacio , Sara; Hoyos Bustamante, Samuel; Agudelo Calle, Jhonny Alejandro; Restrepo Reyes, Natalia
    Mobile phones play a central role in the purchasing decision process worldwide. In the fashion sector, consumers use these devices to discover, evaluate, and acquire clothing. One of the most significant segments of this industry is women's casual wear, which has gained followers over the years. The aim of this study is to describe the purchasing decision-making process for women's casual clothing from a smartphone, targeting women between 24 and 44 years old, belonging to socio-economic strata 4 to 6 in the city of Medellin. This is a qualitative exploratory study that conducted 12 semi-structured interviews in June 2023. It was found that mobile phones are frequently used by consumers to purchase casual clothing. Instagram was the most used social media platform to discover and make purchases. The likelihood of making a purchase increases on websites with features such as visually appealing content, easy and responsive interaction, segmented and categorized search options, and transparent, clear information about the purchasing process. It is concluded that interacting with social media allows consumers to engage with advertisements and promotions, motivating them to visit shopping websites and make purchasing decisions.
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    Análisis de los procesos de adopción de herramientas tecnológicas de automatización para marketing en empresas de software as a service
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) García Zapata, Germán Alonso; Sepúlveda Cardona, Edwin Andrés
    Currently, marketing operates in a scenario of hyperconnectivity and micro-interactions with the consumer or user, which has gained strength thanks to digital innovations and the transformation to a service-based economy. This landscape poses a challenge for the marketing field, as the same hyperconnectivity has led to intense competition for media across different available channels, as well as a need for personalization and segmentation in customer interactions that is difficult to achieve without scalable technologies that address the challenges of handling large volumes of data. Considering the implementation of Marketing Automation technologies as a strategic element for the scalability of organizations, this research is proposed. The aim is to initiate a discussion between experts in Marketing Operations and leaders in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, contrasting their perspectives to reach a consensus through the application of the Delphi methodology. The results present the main needs, motivations, and elements to consider in an adoption project of automation technologies for marketing in SaaS companies, according to the interpretation of two rounds of interviews proposed in unsupervised application questionnaires to experts.
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    Plan de mercadeo para la introducción de la marca de cuidado de la piel Vibes en el canal de venta minorista de las farmacias
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Sepúlveda Ramírez, María Camila; López Márquez, Manuela; Henríquez Díaz, Ángela María
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    Desarrollo del Modelo Expert para la construcción de identidad de marcas región Caso: Riux-Risaralda Experiencia Universitaria
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024-02-12) MURCIA RANGEL, WILMAR EDUARDO; ECHEVERRI LOPERA, CAMILO ANDRÉS; Sepulveda Cardona, Edwin Andrés
    The need to create identity for cities, regions, and territories through city or region branding has become a cornerstone in the positioning strategy of these places in both local and global markets. The overarching goal of this thesis work is the development of a unique model that implements agile methodologies synthesized into three stages of theoretical-practical development. These stages involve engagement with communities and economic sectors, facilitating the convergence of stakeholder visions and organizational objectives. This applied research is based in the implementation of an innovative and agile model within the state of Risaralda – Colombia, aimed at constructing a brand for a university region by 2023. The detailed analysis of this case allows for a deeper exploration of the application and combination of agile methods adaptable to communities, regions, and territories, seeking to imbue identity into the mission-driven purpose of their respective sectors, thereby creating powerful and competitive brands in the market.
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    Plan de mercadeo para la empresa TAC (Taller de Arquitectura y Ciudad)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Castellanos Aponte, Iván David; Valencia Herrera, Elizabeth Cristina
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    Plan de mercadeo para Mi Hotel San Diego
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Londoño Mejía, Valentina; Ruiz Velásquez, María Andrea
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