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    Modelo de gestión por procesos para la estructuración de proyectos en una empresa de venta directa
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Berrío Gómez, Angélica; Zapata Aristizábal, Sergio Andrés; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    The present research has been developed with the objective of strengthening organizational capacities through a process management system that will allow identifying, prioritizing, analyzing and finally standardizing the processes carried out in the execution of the project structuring process in the organization. in question, and will serve as a source of information and guidance for its collaborators. The development of a prioritization matrix, a process map that allows the general visualization of the company and the guides of the process together with its layout and documentation where its objective, activities, scope, inputs, outputs, clients, and indicators are defined. related generate positive impacts that will be directly reflected in the response times to internal and external allies, the accurate and timely information presented and therefore the satisfaction of the actors in the process. Finally this development provides the organization with the elements that will also allow better knowledge management, recording of lessons learned, measurement of indicators and implementation of improvement actions with the purpose of increasing the levels of efficiency and learning reducing execution times and the costs associated with it in the structuring of projects.
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    Elaboración y recomendación de análisis de valor y diagrama de flujo para el proceso de gestión de proveedores de un centro de servicios compartidos (CSC)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Zapata Rodríguez, Biviana María; Hernández López, Juan David; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
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    Análisis y propuesta de mejora al servicio de urgencias en una institución prestadora de servicios (IPS) de la ciudad de Santa Marta
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Hernández Cervera, Sebastian; Angulo Ochoa, Mario Andrés; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    This work presents a proposal for improvement in the emergency area of a health care provider institute that offers third and fourth level services in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia, which, despite its significant growth, is showing delays and dissatisfaction of part of the users. For this purpose, the use of research tools, office tools for information processing, and interviews were combined to validate the care processes based on their verification with the actors involved. The entire process was compiled and validated monthly, with a view to strengthening good practices and timely correcting the deviations that became evident. As a final result, the proposed improvement plan was achieved, based on the results of the areas of human talent, infrastructure and processes.
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    Estandarización del proceso productivo de Cold Brew en café de Santa Bárbara S. A. S.
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Guayara Fernández, Luis Alejandro; Hernández López, Juan David; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
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    Propuesta de diseño del proceso de compras para Grupo La Comarca S. A. S.
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Acosta Patiño, Juan Fernando; Montoya Hernández, Ángela María; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    Companies must connect the demands and expectations of customers with their organizational objectives in order to last over time. To achieve this articulation, those constituted by restaurants must offer high-quality dishes at competitive prices, exceptional service and a differentiated gastronomic proposal to stand out among similar establishments in their area of influence. In order to achieve this alignment, strict control of raw materials and proper procurement planning are necessary, thus guaranteeing that restaurants have the necessary products to satisfy customer demand and meet organizational objectives. This work focused on the design of the procurement process for an organization with five restaurants of different specialties in the city of Ibagué, Colombia. The investigation was carried out in three phases: diagnosis of the current purchasing process, definition of the needs and proposal for the design of the purchasing process, and its characterization. This research was based on both primary and secondary sources of information. The primary sources consisted of direct observation exercises and semi-structured interviews with different actors, while the secondary sources used were scientific databases such as Elsevier, Scopus, Science Direct, Google Scholar, as well as Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas y Certificación (Icontec). The findings indicate that the organization does not currently have an established purchasing process, for which a process that responds to its needs in the following aspects was proposed and characterized: process control, supply of inputs, documentation and standardization of the process and, finally, use of technological tools.
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    Guía de integración de la gestión de la calidad y la normativa legal colombiana para el diseño, desarrollo, fabricación, comercialización y exportación de dispositivos médicos clase I y IIa
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Mantilla Caballero, Fredy Alonso; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María; Velásquez Cuartas, Jhon Orlando
    A guide is presented for the integration of the quality management system of class I and IIA medical devices and the regulatory aspects in the Colombian framework, applicable in the design, development, manufacture, commercialization and export of Medical Devices. An investigation of the current normogram was carried out in the databases of Invima and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the NTC-ISO 13485:2016 standard was reviewed; Inquiries were made in articles in electronic databases, technical consultations with Invima regarding the interpretation of the regulation and experts in the sector. This study and the application guide made it possible to identify methodologies and practical recommendations for the sector, by granting recommendations based on comments from experts in it, also leading to strengthening knowledge as a guide to medical device manufacturing companies in Colombia.
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    Diseño de proceso de condonación de capital en el FGA Fondo de Garantías S. A.
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Ruiz Henao, Dariana Carolina; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María; Grisales Soto, Daniel
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    Mapa de riesgos para el área de operaciones de una empresa de dispositivos médicos de ortopedia de la ciudad de Medellín
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Amaya Zapata, Laura Camila; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María; Núñez, María Antonia
    Currently, all organizations are structured under different administrative orders in order to develop their strategies and goals; In recent decades, companies have been transforming their processes and have also seen the need to change their way and methodology of developing their activities to become more efficient and effective. In this aspect, the dynamics of working by processes has been innovative and highly beneficial, since it has shown that it is one of the most optimal ways of giving continuity to the organization. In the same way, organizations have discovered that it is important to implement methodologies, measures and tools that contribute to strengthening their organization and building solid processes that allow them to respond to the different adversities that may arise in the environment in which they find themselves. This is how the proposal of this work started from the need to improve the quality of the service provided by the company, taking into account the news and complaints presented by the different clients, it was decided to develop this investigation supported by the urgent need to risk management to which the organization was exposed, which in turn were harming its customer service and its internal activities.
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    Diseño de un modelo de gestión de la experiencia del cliente para el área de fortalecimiento empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Cúcuta
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Cabeza Contreras, Jaice Rossi Carolina; Bedoya Jiménez, Julián Esteban; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    The objective of this degree work is to design a management model for the customer experience of the Business Strengthening area of the Cucuta Chamber of Commerce in order to achieve customer/user satisfaction with the services, processes and projects provided. The methodology was worked with semi-structured interviews with an internal expert and clients/users, as well as with the documentary review of the procedures and tools that the Business Strengthening area already had. The results that were obtained allowed us to understand the main objective of the Business Strengthening area and where it wants to go in terms of customer experience management, thus obtaining the input for the design and development of the management model proposal for the customer experience. Finally, the management model proposal for the customer experience was designed, which will help manage a cycle of continuous improvement in all the services provided by the Business Strengthening area within the Cucuta Chamber of Commerce, through six stages. That include a series of activities that must be implemented for the correct management of the model.
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    Rediseño del proceso de negociación con agencias de mercadeo para una empresa productora de alimentos
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Arroyave Cuartas, Valentina; Velásquez Cuartas, Jhon Orlando; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    This project contains the definition of a redesign and an implementation plan for the negotiation process of creative, digital and integral agencies for a multi-brand company in the processed food production sector, in order to provide an efficient process for the company that allows to reduce costs and operability. The work begins with the identification and diagnosis of the current negotiation process, in addition to theoretical referencing that allows identifying possible solutions to the problem, to then find integrative solutions through process technologies tools, which close the existing gaps in the procedure under study. This work also presents the financial viability of the proposed redesign and finally, an implementation plan is presented that allows the transfer of the roles involved in the process, which is made up of two moments: the redesign of the process and its institutionalization.
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    Diseño de un modelo de gestión por procesos para una consultora organizacional de Perú
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Pulido Ramírez, Ruth Polett; Ramírez Pareja, Luz Vilma; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    In this degree work, a process management model was designed for the consulting company Athanor Consultancy Organizational S.A.C., which is located in the city of Lima (Peru). This model was designed based on the methodology presented by Rojas et al. (2017) for the transition to a strategic management model based on processes, where four important phases are worked on: planning, organizational diagnosis, strategic design and implementation, monitoring and control. The results obtained contribute to managing the strategy defined as an organization, having clear strategic objectives in the short and medium term, optimizing the resources available in each macro process, as well as implementing controls that can help mitigate errors within them. Having indicators established in each macro process will help to meet its main objective of measuring efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness. Finally, it was possible to conclude that a process management model will allow the consultant Athanor Consultancy Organizational S.A.C. focus on continuous improvement, compliance with requirements and customer satisfaction with the finished service to achieve competitiveness and sustainability in the market.
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    Estructura de un modelo de gestión por procesos en la Agencia de Desarrollo Local de Nariño
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Betancourt Basante, Daniela; Hernández López, Juan David; Giraldo Hernández, Gina Maria
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    Propuesta de mejoramiento del proceso de facturación de servicios de salud en la Clínica de Ortopedia y Fracturas TRAUMEDICAL S.A.S.
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2022) Villota Paz, Christian Alejandro; Velásquez Cuartas, Jhon Orlando; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    This manuscript analyses the structuring of the health services billing process provided by the Orthopedics and Fractures Clinic TRAUMEDICAL S.A.S, considering that the company’s financial support, is dependent on its liquidity, and profitability, as well as the decision-making for the implementation of projects for their growth, provision of new health services, and advancement to another level of complexity within the Health System in Colombia. Initially, there is a diagnosis of the billing process, with its development and results. Then, applying the Business Process Management (BPM) analysis tool, as the methodology that allows the optimization of business processes, and through the contextualization of the main problems that influence the obtaining of a final product, that in this case is called a sales invoice, a redesign of the current billing process is proposed. This redesign contemplates changes in the execution of critical procedures that contribute to minimizing, especially, the financial risks that arise when the invoice has errors in its elaboration, generating objections represented in glosses or returns detected in the audit processes carried out by the ones responsible for the payment, be it the Health Services Provider Company (EPS) or insurance company, in cases of traffic accidents, occupational accidents in among others.
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    Creación de un modelo para la mejora continua del proceso administrativo y financiero de la organización ABC
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2022) Rivas Escobar, Martha Ciliana; Ramírez Pareja, Luz Vilma; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    This research was focused on an appropriate model for the improvement of the administration and financial ABC Organization. To achieve it, a methodological design focused on structured quantitative aspects based on a matrix was constructed, with a scheme whose database were general and specific objectives operationalized through information requirements that were compensated by using techniques of literature reviews for the management of relevant information referring to a construction of a model of continuous improvement of the administrative and financial process. Along the journey, various theoretical and conceptual approaches were explored, with the purpose of finding referents to be used as a starting point. With the found elements, and due to the analysis carried out, a model of continuous improvement was constructed with a proactive approach, that points out a route in which are suggested tools that the ABC organization can use, to carry out the process beyond the fulfilling of the requirements.
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    Propuesta de metodología para preparar el cumplimiento de los requerimientos de la sección 404 de la Ley Sarbanes-Oxley, bajo un enfoque integral por procesos en un potencial emisor privado extranjero colombiano, para incrementar la probabilidad de éxito del programa de cumplimiento de la Ley Sox
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2022) Duque Tirado, Virginia Helena; Duque Tirado, Diana Patricia; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María; Waserman Álvarez, Jean Paul
    This work presents a methodology proposal for the preparation in compliance with the requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Law Section 404, Evaluation of Internal Control over Financial Reports (hereinafter, SOX-404), in a potential Colombian Foreign Private Issuer, within the framework of a comprehensive process management. The methodology identifies the requirements of the standard and establishes the activities, and their execution order, that must be carried out to ensure adequate preparation for the evaluation of compliance with the SOX-404 requirements.
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    Diseño de un proceso de gestión del desarrollo del personal en una concesionaria vial colombiana en el marco de una gestión integral por procesos
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2022) Agudelo Sánchez, Angie Lorena; Hernández López, Juan David; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    This study aims to structure a proposal for the staff development process, with scope for performance evaluation and job training threads. Here we also include monitoring of management results, as a proposal for strengthening the skills and abilities of the collaborators of the study concessionaire. We see a brief summary of the most relevant aspects of process management worldwide. Then we examine the gaps of the studied concessionaire with respect to the global standards of the personnel development process. Additionally, the justification and the objectives involved in the research are presented. The state of the art of process management in the area of human management, the personnel development process and the sub-processes of personnel training and work performance are related with the studied concessionaire, including related concepts and methodological tools for their adequate management. The methodological framework is described and the type of research. The sub-processes for creating and/or updating positions, job performance management and job development management are designed, in addition to the tools that support each sub-process within the framework of comprehensive process management (job description, performance evaluation, training plan). Finally, the results and conclusions are described.
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    Diseño de un modelo de madurez de procesos en una empresa de confección en Medellín
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2022) Vallejo Restrepo, Sara; Luna Caicedo, Jessica Alejandra; Grisales Soto, Daniel; Giraldo Hernández, Gina Marcela
    Nowadays, there are various tools for organizations to improve their way of operating model. The process maturity models are some of them, since they suggest a route for norrowing the gaps between the current state and the desired state outlined by organizational strategy. This research arises from the need to define a process maturity model that allows the organization under study to define a transformation path for their processes, as well as achieving the needs and expectations of their stakeholders, while facing the challenges that the market brings to be competitive and sustainable over time. In this context, this research began with the review of existing maturity models. Among the investigated models, neither of those were applicable to the organizational needs, therefore, a process maturity model was designed taking as main reference the Process and Company Maturity Model of Michael Hammer (PEMM). For this model, the tool to evaluate the maturity of the processes was defined and the methodology for its implementation in the organization was established
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    Propuesta de mejora del proceso del manejo de residuos de aguas industriales en planta de tratamiento en una empresa operadora de hidrocarburos
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2022) Vargas Peña, Jenifer Lorena; Hernández López, Juan David; Giraldo Hernández, Gina María
    This thesis proposes an improvement of the internal operational process of the industrial water waste transfer and treatment facility by comparing costs associated with the existing process with the costs associated with an equipment implementation for improving such process to reduce operating costs and adds value. For this purpose, historical and current data base of the process, technical documents of the company, information from contractors and internal programs/software of the company including production information, forecasting and economic rates were taken into consideration. Interviews with engineers, operators and assistants with operational experience and from other areas of the company were conducted for gathering the pertinent data. Based on results obtained from data analysis, it was possible to identify the long-term impact of this process on operating costs as well as the opportunity to optimize the process by identifying positive impacts on the strategic objectives of the company and thus, generate greater synergies between the personnel of several areas and disciplines through collaborative work. Key words: industrial water treatment plants, water, oily water, decantation, sludge, centrifugation, cost optimization.
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