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    Expectativas y preferencias laborales de un grupo de centennials de la ciudad de Medellín en proceso de inserción laboral
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Gutiérrez Monsalve, Nora Elena; Orjuela Gómez, Jonny Javier
    The objective of this work is to characterize the job expectations and preferences of a group of young people from the centennial generation in the process of job placement in the city of Medellín. Research that accounts for the meanings, perceptions, expectations and work preferences of a group of young people, men and women, who can be identified as centennials, that is, those who were born between the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, the period in which they are Information and Communication Technologies fully installed in society as a whole; a completely digital native population. Using a qualitative methodology, interviews are carried out with 10 young people from the city, to collect the perceptions, meanings, expectations and work preferences of this population, most of whom are finishing their professional studies or starting their working life. As a result, it is evident that young centennials want to be independent and assume that work is part and not the center of their existence. Their time is not only for work, they demand flexible schedules, alternating attendance at their companies and being able to enjoy daily rest and their social and family life; These young people want new challenges, hence moving from one job to another is not traumatic, as if it were for previous generations who dreamed of joining a company and staying there for the duration of their working life, until they reach retirement. The work concludes that the centennial generations are shaping a new type of worker, hence the need for companies to understand them better, to know how to scrutinize their skills and understand their tastes to better respond to their vital and leisure needs.
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    Habilidades blandas como factores claves para el éxito laboral en practicantes profesionales de la subregión de Urabá
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Jiménez Corrales, Leidy Vanessa; Román Calderón, Juan Pablo
    This research exercise has as a main objective to explore the perception that tutors from different organizations have regarding soft skills as key factors for the work success of Professional Practitioners in Urabá Subregion. The study initially allowed to investigate the concept of soft skills according to the definition of various authors, for the establishment of consensus regarding the elements that make them up. Likewise, it allowed join people who belong to organizations from different economic sectors, which enabled a richer vision regarding the information collected. The research was carried out through the qualitative approach methodology; The type of sampling was intentional, through which ten (10) internship tutors who agreed to participate voluntarily in the research were interviewed. The above made it possible to know the perception that practice tutors have regarding soft skills as key factors for the work success of professional practitioners; identifying skills of an intrapersonal and interpersonal nature, recognizing their relevance to the success of the professional practice process.
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    Influencia de los beneficios extralegales en la productividad de los trabajadores
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Suárez Suaza, Andrea Carolina; Polanco Aya, Deicy Catherine; Rubio Maya, Carlos Andrés
    The present research seeks to characterize the allocation of extra-legal benefits to employees, based on the analysis of the perception that the leaders of the organization have about the influence on the achievement of the productivity of their employees. Faced with the theoretical framework of reference, three concepts are address that allow the development of this research work: The productivity of human talent from the perspective of leaders, extralegal benefits for employees and the influence of extralegal benefits on productivity. The method developed for this research is qualitative and quantitative with a descriptive approach. It is a case study based on a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews with leaders of the organization with the following characteristics: Workers who are at the managerial level (managers, heads, and coordinators) of the company Gecelca S.A.E.S.P. The results of this study support the importance of considering not only the tangible aspects of compensation, but also the emotional and well-being elements when approaching human resource management. A focus on well-designed extralegal benefits tailored to the needs of employees can lead to greater talent retention and a continued boost in productivity, thus creating a virtuous cycle of development at both the individual and organizational levels. Ultimately, understanding of this relationship between extralegal benefits and productivity can guide strategic decisions that promote the flourishing and achievement of goals in Gecelca S.A. E.S.P. This research project concludes that extralegal benefits exert a positive influence on the productivity of workers. This favorable repercussion originates from the perception that leaders have of their collaborators. The results suggest that employees experience a sense of pride in being part of the company, thus strengthening their sense of belonging. In addition, they feel that they are recognized on both personally and socially, which increases their motivation and commitment. These factors contribute to workers perceiving their role as a highly relevant resource within the organization, strengthening their dedication and effort in achieving corporate objectives. Extralegal benefits play a fundamental role in improving business productivity. The consideration of these key aspects, together with an adaptation to the demographic and cultural characteristics of the employees, generates an environment in which individual and family efforts are rewarded, fostering a stronger work commitment and a greater contribution to the success of the organization. Consequently, properly structured and designed extralegal benefits can motivate employees to maintain sustainable performance, driving greater productivity and efficiency at work. The implementation of extralegal benefit strategies must comply with labor regulations, avoiding possible legal conflicts.
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    Factores de retención y permanencia de los trabajadores de una empresa del sector tecnológico financiero
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Manchola Álvarez, Ángela María; Giraldo Henao, Catalina
    The importance of the retention and permanence of personnel is a factor that affects companies when it is not possible to establish it as a practice in them. Given the importance of the subject, it is intended to analyze the perception of the permanence and retirement of workers, these are the identified aspects of the financial technology sector on which the research is carried out. A company that has not been in operation for more than five years, with national recognition, but that shows high turnover rates, even though they are small, growing and with great opportunities for its workers. The need then arises to find that cause of retention in the workers who are still in the institution, the factors that would drive the withdrawal from the institution, and the hindering and facilitating conditions that can prove the above, whether it is the intention to remain or retirement, in order to find a root cause, which can be expanded to the rest of the workers. In the development of the research, it is found in the study, in its results, the need to implement non-monetary benefits, which becomes highly relevant in the intention to stay, identify personal needs, taking into account a balance between the working life and daily living, the above stands out among the retention facilitators, as well as having a good interpersonal relationship in the labor area, developing a good work environment, would be a determining factor of permanence or retirement. Given that most of them do not consider the work environment, the communication facilities and the flexibility of the schedules to be negotiable with the benefits that these bring, identifying the exposed helps the company to be able to promote the retention of personnel.
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    Incidencia del modelo de formación SENA en las prácticas de gestión humana de pymes de Medellín y su Área Metropolitana
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Ocaña Montoya, Claudia Patricia; Álvarez Avendaño, Lina Marcela; Gutiérrez Henao, Sergio; Uribe de Correa, Beatriz Amparo
    The National Learning Service -SENA- is in charge of the social and technical development of colombian workers, supported by a training model that allows people to be protagonists of their learning process and allows companies to achieve objectives through comprehensive work of these people in the performance of their functions. The objective of this work was to identify the incidence of the SENA training model of the Technologist Program in Human Talent Management, in human management practices in small and medium businesses in Medellín and its Metropolitan Area, and to identify the relevance of that model, the interventions of the apprentices and the impact that they could present in the companies where they work. To develop the study, an exploratory investigation was carried out, with the participation of SENA businessmen and apprentices through group interviews and questionnaires, where it was confirmed the relationship between human management practices, the development of the small and medium businesses involved in the study and the personal and professional growth of the apprentices.
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    Percepción de los estilos de liderazgo presentes en una empresa fonográfica de Bogotá y su influencia sobre la satisfacción laboral
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Chaves Bossa, Alejandra María; Giraldo Henao, Catalina
    This research arises with the objective of knowing the perception of workers regarding the leadership styles present in the organization and its influence on their job satisfaction within a record company in Bogotá, which was addressed through a qualitative methodology with a descriptive scope. The sample used consisted of twenty-one workers of the organization who completed a survey in which they were allowed to share their perception regarding the leadership style exhibited by their immediate boss, as well as its impact on their job satisfaction. The data obtained allowed to identify a predominance of the Democratic and Transformational styles, these being associated in 100% of the cases with job satisfaction. With a lower presence, there were the Autocratic and Liberal styles associated with job dissatisfaction, leading to the conclusion that the two predominant styles in the organization could have a positive connotation in relation to satisfaction, while the other two styles would have an influence on dissatisfaction.
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    Factores organizacionales y la representación femenina en empresas del siglo XXI : un estudio de caso
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Ledezma Treviño, Mariana; López Gallego, Francisco Darío
    The female representation in managerial positions was the central theme of the research since currently one of the priorities for the organization under study is to increase female representation in managerial positions. The research question posed was: What are the barriers that must be overcome and the facilitators that can be used in equity and inclusion practices that directly influence the organization to increase the representation of women in management positions in a mexican retail company? It was intended to identify in the organization under study the elements, factors and practices that can present themselves as a barrier and facilitators to increase the representation of women in management positions. Information on the perception of eight women of the company was collected through semi-structured interviews.
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    ¿Cómo articular en un proceso holístico y coherente (centrado en el estudiante) los períodos de prepráctica, práctica y pospráctica, en términos del sello eafitense y potenciar la proyección profesional de los estudiantes de pregrado de EAFIT?
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Cortés Ramírez, Jairo Daniel; Ramírez Echeverri, Alejandra María; Castrillón Orrego, Sergio Alonso
    The research aims to design a holistic and coherent process that articulates the pre-practice, practice and post-practice periods of students in EAFIT, in order to adequately prepare them, accompany them and provide them with a launching pad for their professional careers. To achieve this, the phases proposed by Bauer known as the "6 C's" were explored: 'Connection, Culture, Clarity, Compliance, Confidence and Checkback' in organizational (2022) Onboarding processes, and how they could be applied to the student process. The study was carried out with a qualitative and descriptive methodology, focus groups and surveys were used as data collection instruments, where 318 people participated, including students, University and organizations staff involved in the student process, to know their perception about the process of undergraduate students in their last third at EAFIT University. As a result, the design of a holistic and integral process is proposed based on the fulfillment of the objectives brought from the phases of Onboarding, adapted to the process integrated by the three periods of the student in the last third of their degree, with constant verifications and where the actors involved are aligned, connected and in tune, in order to provide the accompaniment, support and guidance of students in their process of labor insertion. The adapted methodology of Onboarding must provide personalized messages and incentives that encourage the performance, learning and development of students, as well as a positive impact on organizations by the commitment of the intern to their responsibilities and the development of socio-emotional, ethical and life skills. In general, the application of a continuous and articulated process will allow students to develop their potential to the fullest and project themselves professionally according to their aspirations. In conclusion, the lack of connection between the three periods of the last third of the student can affect the continuity and coherence in the development of skills and work competencies, as well as the transfer of knowledge. The application of the Onboarding methodology in the internship process of EAFIT University can have a positive impact on the choice of students by organizations, since it gives them a distinctive seal of the institution and prepares them in values, competencies, and differential skills from before entering their professional practice.
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    Caracterización sociodemográfica, motivacional y de satisfacción en los mineros de alto y bajo rendimiento de la mina la Margarita, Titiribí (Antioquia) : una prueba piloto
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Jiménez Arismendy, Fabio; López Gallego, Francisco Darío
    Objective:To describe the socio-demographic, motivational, and satisfaction level characteristics of high and low-performance subway miners at the La Margarita mine, to have information in a pilot test that allows implementing strategies for improvement of the stakeholders. Method: a descriptive study, using the work motivation questionnaire "CMT" and a job satisfaction questionnaire, was applied to 12 subway mining workers currently working at the La Margarita mine. Results: the total population evaluated was men, 83.33 % of whom were over 40 years old, three participants in the study were over 50 years old, and two participants belonged to the group of low-performance miners; the degree of schooling was lower in most low-performance miners. It was found that the primary motivating factor is salary, followed by recognition for high-performance miners and affiliation for low-performance miners. Similarly, a high level of job satisfaction was reported, with a satisfaction percentage of 92.56 % Conclusion: Differences were found, in the intrinsic motivational profile, in preferred means of obtaining rewards at work, and in the external motivational factor of greater and lesser relevance for high and low-performance miners.
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    Nivel de work engagement de empleados en una empresa del sector eléctrico en Colombia durante un proceso de transformación digital entre 2022 y 2023
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Pico Castaño, Indira Soraida; Ospina Agudelo, Maria Angélica; Betancur Hurtado, Carlos Mario
    The objective of this study is to evaluate Work Engagement in an organization in the Colombian electricity sector, taking a sample made up of 46 employees who were going through a digital transformation process. For the evaluation of Work Engagement levels, the UWES17 scale was applied, which allows evaluating the affective commitment towards work, which consists of 17 elements that measure three dimensions: Absorption, vigor and dedication. The results obtained show high levels of Work Engagement, despite the fact that the organization was going through a process of change, which on many occasions can affect the levels of Engagement and generate resistance; however, these positive results can be attributed to various factors related to proper change management, leadership, and the type of organization.
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    Incidencia de los procesos de gestión humana en la resistencia al cambio derivado de un proceso de transformación tecnológica en el personal operativo en un centro vacacional
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Hejeile Rueda, Diana Lisseth; Correa Valencia, Manuela; Giraldo Henao, Catalina
    This investigation have with the goal to understand the incidence of human management processes and their relationship with the change resistance for process technological transformation in operational staff in a resort. The study was made for five operational staff, also including five administration staff, for the expansion of the investigation and complement the behavior of the operational staff in relation with the human management process and the technological transformation. This investigation was made through semi structured interview, with descriptive character and qualitative design, that allowed analyze the human management concerning to knowledge, performance evaluation and compensation and incentive and concluded through the interview the relation of these with the change resistance, the investigation allowed to identify the direct incidence between the change resistance in the technological transformation and human management process for the operational staff in the use, the importance and retribution in there labor and personal expectation.
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    La influencia del proceso de mentoring femenino y los referentes de liderazgo en el Grupo Éxito : la percepción de mujeres directivas
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Prens Montes, Meisy Cristina; Osorio de la Hoz, María Isabel; López Gallego, Francisco Darío
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    El trabajo decente en el sector turístico formal de la Península de Barú de Cartagena (Colombia)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Martínez Osorio, Virginia Cecilia; Uribe de Correa, Beatriz Amparo
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    Definición de los costos ocultos del ausentismo laboral en “San Isidro Distribuciones S.A.S” y aplicación de la metodología de Heinrich
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Ramos Barrios, Lizy Margarita; Sandoval Angulo, Luis Yamid; Uribe Marín, Rricardo
    Throughout history in organizations of our country, absenteeism has been defined, analyzed and described through various factors determined based on indicators; however, the estimate of hidden costs, such as how much it costs to the organization to replace the absent worker, or the economic value of assuming those hours/days of absenteeism, estimating the value of the knowledge of the absent worker, the time cost of occupational health and safety professionals who carried out their activities, but were not effective in all workers, the cost - benefit of the absent worker versus a new worker; It has been an organizational challenge for the human management department. This is why companies, when analyzing the cost of absenteeism, regularly define an estimated value that includes hidden costs; however, it would be of great value for organizations to define a tool that allows valuing the hidden costs of work absenteeism, but at the same time leaving some literature on what are those hidden costs that were identified with the development of this research, additionally the validation was carried out of the Heinrich Methodology, through the application of the proposed formula, facilitating in some way to replicate the results of this research in other organizations, different from San Isidro distributions and thus, strengthening the inventory of hidden costs which will be fed with new discoveries in future studies.
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