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    Factores que inciden en la apropiación de la evaluación de desempeño
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Saldarriaga Jaramillo , María Adelaida; Agudelo Arango , Rubén; Uribe de Correa, Beatriz Amparo
    This research explores the perceptions of employees from medium and large companies in Medellín, with the purpose of examining the factors that influence the adoption of performance evaluation. This study begins with a brief historical overview of evaluation, revealing that evaluative practices have been incorporated into organizations since the 18th century and have evolved considerably over time in a constant quest for precision and effectiveness. Through a literature review, theoretical foundations of performance evaluation are explored, along with their practical implications in the workplace. To achieve the objective, a qualitative study is conducted, collecting data through semi-structured interviews. The data collected and analyzed suggest that, although there is a perception of the usefulness of performance evaluation, factors such as subjectivity, lack of knowledge among human resource management professionals, the role of the leader, and emotions with negative connotations hinder its adoption. Additionally, this experience highlights the need for organizations to rethink evaluative practices and review their organizational structures and cultures to promote participation and the successful achievement of performance evaluation goals.
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    Intervenciones sinérgicas y fortalecimiento de la cultura organizacional : un enfoque polifacético en empresa de alimentos y bebidas
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Ávila González, Andrés Leonardo; Ramírez Orozco, Andrés Felipe; López Gallego, Francisco Darío
    The leading food and beverage company in the Colombian market, with a 111-year history. It is part of the Ardila Lulle Organization, a leading business group in Latin America. The research objectives were aimed at finding out employees' perceptions of the practices of well-being at work, personal growth and development, and leadership, which the organization has systematically implemented for several years, but for which it has not implemented formal mechanisms to evaluate their results. An exploratory methodology with a descriptive approach, using semi-structured interviews, was used to collect data on this perception. The work provided information that made it possible to identify areas for improvement in the practices under study, which were provided exclusively to the company.
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    Desarrollo de talento ágil en la organización
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Cardona Tavera, Nataly; Roman Calderón, Juan Pablo
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    Favorecimiento de políticas y programas de compensación en las intenciones de permanecer en la organización de cargos de mandos medios de una empresa del sector industrial
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Pabón Labrador, Marcela Lucía; Rámirez Hoyos, Cindy Mirley; Betancur Hurtado, Carlos Mario
    The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that the implementation of compensation policies and programs in organizations through the area of human management involves the execution of different strategies through which not only the worker is compensated but, as proposed below, will determine the permanence intentions in this case of workers who hold middle management positions in a company in the industrial sector; Likewise, through this research we will see how these coexist and develop with other policies and factors that play a leading role in the area such as staff retention, motivation and benefits. A perspective is addressed that is aimed at continuing to promote the human management area as a strategic partner of management, based on the fact that workers are the most important part of the organization and at the same time receiving through the information collection method used. valuable data that shows that compensation must be in accordance with the particular needs of the worker; This does not necessarily imply a greater financial expense but rather an in-depth study and analysis to understand its significance. Finally, it is also known that a worker's intentions to remain are supported by the creation and implementation of compensation and benefits policies that show which variables, in turn, would be influencing their intentions to remain or promoting or not promoting their retention in the company. organization.
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    Factores de satisfacción laboral en la intención de rotación de personal del área de seguridad de la Mina El Porvenir del Líbano – Tolima
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Mosquera Moreno, Igor; Isaza Villa, Juan Carlos; Sanín Posada, John Alejandro
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    ¿Un nuevo aislamiento social? Un abordaje de la incidencia del teletrabajo en la dimensión psicosocial, el desempeño y la cultura organizacional vivenciada por teletrabajadores en Colombia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Quintero Velásquez, Julián; Orejuela Gómez, Jonny Javier
    Objective: To identify the impact of telecommuting as a form of labor flexibility on the psychosocial dimension, performance, and organizational culture among telecommuters in Colombia. Method: A quantitative exploratory cross-sectional study was conducted using convenience sampling through a structured web-based self-report questionnaire. A total of 262 valid questionnaires were collected. Results: The data obtained suggest that telecommuting tends to have a particularly positive impact on the more individual aspects of telecommuters, reflected in performance and the subjective psychosocial dimension, while collective or social components that require the presence of others such as culture and the more social factors of the psychosocial dimension showed a tendency towards a greater negative impact of telecommuting, although they were also classified with a sufficient percentage to be considered as having a positive impact of telecommuting overall. Conclusions: Work as a human phenomenon, humans as social beings, and the vital role of social relationships in work warn of telecommuting as a spatial labor flexibility modality that tends to isolate and individualize collective goals into smaller or individual nuclei. Understanding the nature of telecommuting through the lens of humans as social beings allows for addressing and anticipating phenomena that go against human nature, with consequences for both workers and the organizations they comprise.
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    Significados del trabajo según mujeres colombianas empleadas en el sector TI y el sector salud en edades entre los 18 y 28 años : un estudio comparativo
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Pérez Marín, Yerli Cristina; Jiménez Rodríguez, Julián Alexander; López Gallego, Francisco Darío
    The present qualitative study focuses on exploring the meanings attributed to work by Colombian women aged 18 to 28 years employed in the information technology (IT) and healthcare sectors. Using the Meaning of Work model (MOW, 1987), this study is based on dimensions such as the centrality of work, societal norms and beliefs about work, work goals, recognition of work outcomes, and identification with the work role, from which questions were also formulated for the information collection instrument. The research context covers the historical evolution of the concept of work and further explores the definition of the concept of meaning from various theoretical notions, highlighting the relevance of the understanding of the concept of work among young people, especially in Generation Z. In the IT sector, work is perceived in a multifaceted way, as a means of emotional stability and personal development. On the other hand, in the healthcare sector, it is experienced as an essential obligation for economic independence and professional learning. Both sectors share the pursuit of self-realization. However, autonomy stands out in IT, while social interactions do in healthcare. The results highlight how important identification with the job role is for job satisfaction. The differences between sectors highlight the need to understand and address variations in job perceptions. It is concluded that these differences are critical to creating balanced work environments by addressing individual needs. Overall, this study contributes to the understanding of the meanings of work among young women, providing a basis for future research and improvements in work management.
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    La felicidad en el trabajo como dispositivo de manipulación para el incremento de la productividad
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Monsalve Zapata, Jennifer; Moreno Valero, Fabian; Sanín Posada, Alejandro
    This article critically examines the growing emphasis on workplace happiness and its potential use as a manipulation tool in organizations. Happiness is a complex and ambiguous concept, with multiple definitions that make its scientific study difficult. However, it has sparked great research interest and has been linked to better organizational performance and productivity. The article analyzes whether these happiness initiatives really operate as manipulation devices. Through a content analysis in 4 companies, practices promoted in the name of happiness are identified that could constitute manipulation mechanisms such as: use of reasoning, personal charm, carryover and halo effects, good humor and rewards. The findings suggest that the pursuit of happiness can be distorted in the service of organizational agendas. It is concluded that further research and ethical application of this knowledge is required to avoid falling into manipulative practices.
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    Evaluación de la efectividad de la enseñanza : análisis desde la mirada de estudiantes, profesores y directivos
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Gómez Sepúlveda, Andrés Felipe; Montes Gutiérrez, Isabel Cristina
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    Relación entre el bienestar laboral y la retención del talento humano del nivel operativo de una empresa del sector privado de salud del Oriente Antioqueño
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Cañizares Arias, Natalia; Mazuera Mejía, Mónica; Betancur Hurtado, Carlos Mario
    A problem that is growing in the health sector, specifically in the private sector, is the attraction and retention of talent, as it is becoming one of the main challenges that are part of an operational management plan that is in direct line with the strategy of the business. For many positions, labor demand exceeded supply, thus generating competition for talent in the sector. Continuity in learning, in the service provided by the sector and the impact that rotation generates is limited not only to specific operational positions, but also to an organizational need, with the aim of generating a competitive advantage over the competition. The objective of this research was to investigate about the relationship between work well-being and the retention of human talent, to people at the operational level of a company in the health sector in Eastern Antioquia. To achieve this, a quantitative and qualitative methodology, by means of which the analysis of the retirement interviews from the years 2022 and 2023 was consolidated, and 15 semi-structured interviews under the hermeneutic method were tabulated. The results allow us to affirm that there is no direct relationship or formal staff retention strategies, which questions the effectiveness and the scope of the well-being program designed by the institution, while accentuating the work reality of constant and uncontrollable mobility.
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    Habilidades blandas para el trabajo en equipo en una cooperativa de ahorro y crédito de Ocaña, Norte de Santander
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) García Amaya, María Stefany; Roman Calderón, Juan Pablo
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    Relaciones de poder y equidad salarial : la percepción de mujeres directivas de grandes empresas del Valle de Aburrá
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) González Arias, María Adela; Gallego Sierra, Sara; López Gallego, Francisco Darío
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    Expectativas y preferencias laborales de un grupo de centennials de la ciudad de Medellín en proceso de inserción laboral
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Gutiérrez Monsalve, Nora Elena; Orjuela Gómez, Jonny Javier
    The objective of this work is to characterize the job expectations and preferences of a group of young people from the centennial generation in the process of job placement in the city of Medellín. Research that accounts for the meanings, perceptions, expectations and work preferences of a group of young people, men and women, who can be identified as centennials, that is, those who were born between the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, the period in which they are Information and Communication Technologies fully installed in society as a whole; a completely digital native population. Using a qualitative methodology, interviews are carried out with 10 young people from the city, to collect the perceptions, meanings, expectations and work preferences of this population, most of whom are finishing their professional studies or starting their working life. As a result, it is evident that young centennials want to be independent and assume that work is part and not the center of their existence. Their time is not only for work, they demand flexible schedules, alternating attendance at their companies and being able to enjoy daily rest and their social and family life; These young people want new challenges, hence moving from one job to another is not traumatic, as if it were for previous generations who dreamed of joining a company and staying there for the duration of their working life, until they reach retirement. The work concludes that the centennial generations are shaping a new type of worker, hence the need for companies to understand them better, to know how to scrutinize their skills and understand their tastes to better respond to their vital and leisure needs.
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    Habilidades blandas como factores claves para el éxito laboral en practicantes profesionales de la subregión de Urabá
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Jiménez Corrales, Leidy Vanessa; Román Calderón, Juan Pablo
    This research exercise has as a main objective to explore the perception that tutors from different organizations have regarding soft skills as key factors for the work success of Professional Practitioners in Urabá Subregion. The study initially allowed to investigate the concept of soft skills according to the definition of various authors, for the establishment of consensus regarding the elements that make them up. Likewise, it allowed join people who belong to organizations from different economic sectors, which enabled a richer vision regarding the information collected. The research was carried out through the qualitative approach methodology; The type of sampling was intentional, through which ten (10) internship tutors who agreed to participate voluntarily in the research were interviewed. The above made it possible to know the perception that practice tutors have regarding soft skills as key factors for the work success of professional practitioners; identifying skills of an intrapersonal and interpersonal nature, recognizing their relevance to the success of the professional practice process.
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    Influencia de los beneficios extralegales en la productividad de los trabajadores
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Suárez Suaza, Andrea Carolina; Polanco Aya, Deicy Catherine; Rubio Maya, Carlos Andrés
    The present research seeks to characterize the allocation of extra-legal benefits to employees, based on the analysis of the perception that the leaders of the organization have about the influence on the achievement of the productivity of their employees. Faced with the theoretical framework of reference, three concepts are address that allow the development of this research work: The productivity of human talent from the perspective of leaders, extralegal benefits for employees and the influence of extralegal benefits on productivity. The method developed for this research is qualitative and quantitative with a descriptive approach. It is a case study based on a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews with leaders of the organization with the following characteristics: Workers who are at the managerial level (managers, heads, and coordinators) of the company Gecelca S.A.E.S.P. The results of this study support the importance of considering not only the tangible aspects of compensation, but also the emotional and well-being elements when approaching human resource management. A focus on well-designed extralegal benefits tailored to the needs of employees can lead to greater talent retention and a continued boost in productivity, thus creating a virtuous cycle of development at both the individual and organizational levels. Ultimately, understanding of this relationship between extralegal benefits and productivity can guide strategic decisions that promote the flourishing and achievement of goals in Gecelca S.A. E.S.P. This research project concludes that extralegal benefits exert a positive influence on the productivity of workers. This favorable repercussion originates from the perception that leaders have of their collaborators. The results suggest that employees experience a sense of pride in being part of the company, thus strengthening their sense of belonging. In addition, they feel that they are recognized on both personally and socially, which increases their motivation and commitment. These factors contribute to workers perceiving their role as a highly relevant resource within the organization, strengthening their dedication and effort in achieving corporate objectives. Extralegal benefits play a fundamental role in improving business productivity. The consideration of these key aspects, together with an adaptation to the demographic and cultural characteristics of the employees, generates an environment in which individual and family efforts are rewarded, fostering a stronger work commitment and a greater contribution to the success of the organization. Consequently, properly structured and designed extralegal benefits can motivate employees to maintain sustainable performance, driving greater productivity and efficiency at work. The implementation of extralegal benefit strategies must comply with labor regulations, avoiding possible legal conflicts.
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