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    Implementación de técnica de diagnóstico no-invasivo para el mantenimiento de compuertas radiales Hidroituango
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Mira Albanés, Luis Fernando; Botero Herrera, Francisco Javier
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    Technician’s Training Policy Optimisation for Effective Maintenance in Critical Single-Component Systems Considering Maintenance Quality
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Herrera Arcila, Camilo; Martinod Restrepo, Ronald Mauricio; Bistorin, Olivier
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    Propuesta de diseño de doble calzada entre el Alto de las Palmas y el sector de Don Diego
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Bergaño Jaramillo, Carlos Alberto; Zapata Múnera, Abraham Uriel
    Vehicle congestion problems are a fundamental part of the planning agenda of the main cities and territories of the world, because it is a problem that affects the economic performance and quality of life of people. The commercial and industrial development along with the population growth of eastern Antioquia due to the development of real estate projects has generated a high demand for traffic on the road between El Alto de Palmas and the Don Diego sector, presenting vehicular congestion, mobility difficulties and low circulation speeds in the sector, which has increased travel times between the Aburra valley and the San Nicolas valley, thus decreasing the quality of life of the population of the two regions for a total of 12.79 km.. This road belongs to the first generation concession Devimed S.A., which in turn is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the roads of Eastern Antioquia. In view of the importance and impact it brings to the mobility of the region, the need arises to improve the road infrastructure of the route 56AN-01 corridor. This road begins in the Alto de Palmas sector at abscissa Km10+380 (roundabout in the Mall Indiana sector) to the Don Diego Sector roundabout in the municipality of El Retiro at Km 23+170 . This project consists of solving the mobility problem through the design of an additional roadway to the existing one, thus improving the operating conditions. For this purpose, a diagnosis of the current state of the existing infrastructure was carried out, contemplating the traffic study that contains information such as capacity, geometric surveys and secondary information such as bibliographic references, after this the INVIAS traffic analysis tables are used to determine the service levels and current capacity. Subsequently, the alternative of a double carriageway with a projected traffic at 20 years, to evaluate your need. Once these criteria are obtained, the geometric design is carried out as established by the National Highway Institute (INVIAS) in the geometric design manuals, AASHTO GDHS-7US Department of Transportation. Based on the design information, the budget is presented based on the analysis of unit prices (APU) and work quantities.
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    StockOdissey como estrategia gamificada para el desarrollo de competencias en el control y la gestión de inventarios
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Vélez Estrada, Deicy Yurlyana; Castro Zuluaga, Carlos Alberto
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    Spatial Elements and Their Influence on Creative Work : A Systematic Literature Review
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Mejía-Londoño, Valentina; Rendón-Vélez, Elizabeth; Rendón Vélez, Elizabeth
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    Modelos logísticos de madurez para almacenes de clase mundial
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Rendón González , Juan Esteban; Arrieta Posada, Juan Gregorio
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    Análisis de rendimiento de los patrones de integración event message y command message en sistemas distribuidos
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Gómez Vélez, Juan Felipe; Vallejo Correa, Paola Andrea; Correa Botero, Daniel
    A distributed system is composed of a set of interconnected autonomous computers. Using integration patterns is common in these systems to facilitate communication among computers in an asynchronous way. Event Message and Command Message, are among the most commonly used integration patterns. The performance of both patterns is analyzed in this study, considering the efficiency and the time taken to carry out a message transmission process, which may vary depending on the number and size of the messages. To carry out the analysis, the previously mentioned integration patterns were implemented in two different systems. Additionally, a comparison is performed for each pattern considering the following parameters: message size, messaging broker configurations, time between sending and receiving a message, and the name of the test type. In this way, the configurations and behavior of the integration patterns involved in the message exchange flow can be understood in a better way, as well as detect and prevent performance-related problems.
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    Función de fragilidad para pórticos de concreto reforzado de baja altura con mampostería integrada en Colombia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Jaramillo Rivera, Andrea Milena; Jaramillo Fernández, Juan Diego; Lafontaine Roth, Mario Andres
    In addressing uncertainty within seismic risk evaluation in Colombia, this research unveils a fragility curve derived from the nonlinear static analysis of a structure representing the prevalent low-rise residential buildings with concrete frames in the country. The exposure database from an insurance company with a substantial presence nationwide allows it to determine the structural system, the range of floors, and construction periods of interest for assessment. This database facilitated the identification of the type of buildings concentrated in highly populated cities, Bogotá, Cali, and Medellín. The study incorporated acceleration records from seismic threat assessments conducted in relevant investigations. Key characteristics were identified through interviews with various engineering firms in Colombia to select and model the typical building.
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    A framework for Rapid Product Development based on digital techniques : an industrial case study of ceramic-based product
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Trujillo Ángel, Luis Alfonso; Rodríguez Arroyave, Carlos Arturo
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    Modelo de evaluación técnica, económica, medioambiental y social en proyectos de generación de energía eléctrica a partir de fuentes renovables
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Correa Herrera, Harvy; Mejía-Gutiérrez, Ricardo
    This paper presents research that arises in the context of the energy transition and drive towards sustainable development in Colombia. In 2017, Colciencias launched call 778, giving rise to the Energy Alliance 2030 (E2030), led by the National University of Colombia. This alliance seeks to transform the Colombian energy sector by 2030 through Research, Development, and Innovation (R+D+i) programs. Project P3, part of E2030, focuses on Electric Mobility as a sustainable and multimodal alternative, addressing motorcycle hybridization, electric boat development, and the construction of a solar charging station and multimodal planning models. Implementation focuses on intermediate cities such as Magangué and Sincelejo. This master's project arises in response to identified barriers in the implementation of energy projects, especially in the social sphere. Literature review reveals obstacles such as lack of planning, social issues, and deficiencies in technological adoption. The work focuses on developing a comprehensive model to evaluate renewable energy generation projects from technical, economic, social, and environmental perspectives. The proposed methodology includes analysis of existing methodologies, integration of best practices, and application of a multidimensional model to the photovoltaic charging station of Project P3. It is expected that this approach will provide a comprehensive view of the viability of similar projects, reducing the risk of non-adoption or interruption.
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    Efectos durante generación de hidrógeno en diferentes acabados geométricos de una superficie galvanizada con níquel
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Lasprilla Holguín, David Ricardo; Ossa Henao, Edgar Alexánder
    In the search for renewable energy sources, hydrogen production is an ideal alternative either because of its clean combustion without producing carbon dioxide or its long-term storage 5 capacity. Therefore, one of the methods used is water electrolysis, which is ideal for large-scale hydrogen production because it does not produce any carbon-based fuel by-product pollutants. The production of green hydrogen from water electrolysis using renewable sources such as solar or wind would facilitate long-term clean energy storage.
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    El poder de la forma y el color : percepción de naturalidad en los snacks de chocolate
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Abreu Domínguez, Manuela; Rendón Vélez, Elizabeth; Rendón Vélez, Elizabeth
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    Determinación de factores de seguridad relativos al deslizamiento utilizando la metodología de taludes naturales (MTN) en la zona sub-urbana y urbana del municipio del Carmen de Atrato Chocó
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Waldo Quinto, Francys Yadilson; Prieto Salazar, Jorge Alonso
    This work presents the zoning of an area of the municipality of Carmen de Atrato through safety factors related to landslide considering the time categories: long, medium and short term, facilitating the analysis and zoning of risk and threat, using the slope methodology. natural resources (MSN), which requires only geology and topography as main inputs. The MSN provides a series of geomechanical and stability parameters for the determination of zones through the safety factor relative to landslide, which we herein call the landslide susceptibility index, in order to offer a practical tool in the generation of preliminary information in relation to the geomechanical parameters of the study area for engineering projects related to the field of geotechnics. The present work covers the following aspects for the determination of the safety factors related to the Fsr slide: a) Measurements of the slope families, b) Construction of the triangular pattern at the population level, c) Calculation of the basic friction angle, d ) Calculation of the envelopes for the calculation of geomechanical parameters of the delimited area, e) Calculation of safety factors related to the Fsr landslide, f) Risk zoning through the construction of isovalue maps. Finally, it is obtained that the basic friction angle obtained corresponds to that expected for this type of materials, for the relative safety factors the isovalue maps are presented, however, a better estimate of the possible occurrence of future events could be to implement a model considering precipitation up to 30 years and earthquakes for different return periods. It is important to remember that relative safety factors reflect past history, but do not take into account future triggering events. The inclusion of these triggers allows for a better estimate of the future probability of landslide failure. However, the calculation of the stability parameters presented in this work corresponds to a preliminary approach to the landslide susceptibility in the analyzed area, as well as the resistance parameters of geomaterials which are useful in civil engineering projects.
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    Aisladores de triple péndulo de fricción
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Quintero Manzano, Andrea Camila; Jaramillo Fernández, Juan Diego
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    Emulsiones asfálticas con adición de Nanosílice
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Calonge Vargas, Edgar Arturo; Vidal Valencia, Julián
    The objective of this research is to analyze the reaction of asphalt emulsions to the incorporation of nanocomposites to improve their properties and characteristics. For this purpose, tests were carried out with conventional asphalt emulsions CRL-1 and CRR-1 in which 5% and 10% of liquid nanosilica were added, by virtue of the weight of each sample, which was subjected for one hour at an agitation speed of 250 RPM at room temperature of 23 °C. Thus, it could be appreciated in the results obtained, that nanosilica changes its properties, so that such component becomes a fundamental alternative to generate materials with much more sustainable specific properties.
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    Propuesta de adaptación del sistema de bombeo de la estación Planta de Potabilización Caldas – Tanque Paraíso para generación de energía
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Saldarriaga Quintero, David; Botero Herrera, Francisco Javier
    This paper presents a proposal for the adaptation of an existing pumping system in the drinking water network of the public service company of Medellín, Colombia, for power generation. The Caldas – La Estrella Interconnection project transports drinking water from the Ayurá drinking water treatment plant to the south of the Aburra Valley. In particular, a potential for energy use was detected in the Caldas drinking water treatment plant. It is proposed to adapt an existing pumping system so that it can also work as a turbine (PAT). For this, all technical information is gathered and classified. A statistical technical diagnosis of the equipment working as a pump is carried out based on the analysis of historical samples acquired during operation. Thus, the current state is determined and the actions are established to calculate the behavior of the pumps as a turbine. An approximate generation capacity of 50KW of electrical energy was calculated as PAT, which at the current energy cost in Colombia represents USD 44,000 per year. The energy can be used for self-consumption or delivered to the distribution network for a fairly low investment cost in equipment (approximately USD 74,000). In this way, the system can work alternately as a pump or turbine according to the needs and requirements of the aqueduct operation without jeopardizing the provision of the service.
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    Proposal of remodulation in the facilities of the main warehouse of the company Magic Inc to increase its profits
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Álvarez Castaño, Johnnie; Ramírez Echeverri, Sergio Augusto
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    Modelo termodinámico de equilibrio para gasificación de biomasa, incluyendo el sólido carbonoso y la ceniza
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Velásquez Giraldo, Gloria Janneth; Giraldo Estrada, Catalina; Quintana Marín, Germán Camilo
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