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    Emulsiones asfálticas con adición de Nanosílice
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Calonge Vargas, Edgar Arturo; Vidal Valencia, Julián
    The objective of this research is to analyze the reaction of asphalt emulsions to the incorporation of nanocomposites to improve their properties and characteristics. For this purpose, tests were carried out with conventional asphalt emulsions CRL-1 and CRR-1 in which 5% and 10% of liquid nanosilica were added, by virtue of the weight of each sample, which was subjected for one hour at an agitation speed of 250 RPM at room temperature of 23 °C. Thus, it could be appreciated in the results obtained, that nanosilica changes its properties, so that such component becomes a fundamental alternative to generate materials with much more sustainable specific properties.
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    Propuesta de adaptación del sistema de bombeo de la estación Planta de Potabilización Caldas – Tanque Paraíso para generación de energía
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Saldarriaga Quintero, David; Botero Herrera, Francisco Javier
    This paper presents a proposal for the adaptation of an existing pumping system in the drinking water network of the public service company of Medellín, Colombia, for power generation. The Caldas – La Estrella Interconnection project transports drinking water from the Ayurá drinking water treatment plant to the south of the Aburra Valley. In particular, a potential for energy use was detected in the Caldas drinking water treatment plant. It is proposed to adapt an existing pumping system so that it can also work as a turbine (PAT). For this, all technical information is gathered and classified. A statistical technical diagnosis of the equipment working as a pump is carried out based on the analysis of historical samples acquired during operation. Thus, the current state is determined and the actions are established to calculate the behavior of the pumps as a turbine. An approximate generation capacity of 50KW of electrical energy was calculated as PAT, which at the current energy cost in Colombia represents USD 44,000 per year. The energy can be used for self-consumption or delivered to the distribution network for a fairly low investment cost in equipment (approximately USD 74,000). In this way, the system can work alternately as a pump or turbine according to the needs and requirements of the aqueduct operation without jeopardizing the provision of the service.
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    Proposal of remodulation in the facilities of the main warehouse of the company Magic Inc to increase its profits
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Álvarez Castaño, Johnnie; Ramírez Echeverri, Sergio Augusto
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    Modelo termodinámico de equilibrio para gasificación de biomasa, incluyendo el sólido carbonoso y la ceniza
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Velásquez Giraldo, Gloria Janneth; Giraldo Estrada, Catalina; Quintana Marín, Germán Camilo
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    Efectos de la sincronización de señales en la determinación del desempeño ambiental de vehículos mediante pruebas en carretera
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Restrepo Mejía, Juan Carlos; Giraldo Galindo, Michael Daniel; Huertas Cardozo, José Ignacio
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    NFR-Based Framework para el análisis de la Sostenibilidad en Sistemas Ciberfísicos (CPS)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Arce Vargas, César Augusto; Suescún Monsalve, Elizabeth
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    Desempeño sísmico de un pórtico de concreto armado equipado con disipadores por fricción, ubicado en zona de amenaza sísmica alta en Colombia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Hernández Montes, Clímaco Andrés; Jaramillo Fernández, Juan Diego
    Friction dampers are seismic response control devices that dissipate the energy imparted by an earthquake to a structure through the friction between two solid surfaces. In this study, the seismic performance of a reinforced concrete frame located in a high seismic hazard zone in Colombia is evaluated under two specific scenarios: In the first scenario, the frame is analyzed without dampers, and in the second scenario, the frame is analyzed with friction dampers. The structure was previously designed according to the Colombian seismic-resistant construction code (NSR-10). The evaluation is performed in terms of the maximum demands of ductility at the global level for the frame and the local level for beams and columns. To accomplish this, nonlinear time-history analyses of a set of 14 seismic records representative of the seismic hazard were conducted, and it was found that the seismic performance of the frame significantly improved when the dampers were incorporated into the proposed structure for the study, absorbing at least 50% of the seismic energy. As a result, the global ductility demand of the structure decreased by an average of 52.8%, and the ductility demands in the beams and columns decreased by 54.1% and 25.1%, respectively.
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    Propuesta de matriz multicriterio para la selección de TMS (Transportation Management System) en el marco del mercado latinoamericano idealmente en compañías de baja y mediana escala
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Sepúlveda Agudelo, Mateo; Montoya Echeverri, José Alejandro
    Propose a technology selection model for TMS (Transportation Management System) based on a multicriteria matrix and weighting according to the criticality of items and sub-items, focused on small and medium-scale companies located in the Latin American markets.
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    Evaluación de las propiedades térmicas, reológicas y mecánicas de mezclas entre HDPE virgen con HDPE reciclado
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Gómez Sandoval, Juan Camilo; González Villa, Sandra Milena
    The rheological, thermal, morphological and mechanical properties of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are studied in virgin/recycled mixtures from the implementation of a mechanical recycling process of plastic guides, used as coupling devices in used plaster molds. in the ceramic industry. Despite finding losses in its properties, the feasibility of mixing with virgin and recycled material is demonstrated, still being useful for multiple applications.
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    VTA/LRS : una aproximación a la implementación de un asistente virtual como herramienta de soporte al proceso de enseñanza
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Vera Toro, Lucas; Montoya Mendoza, Juan Carlos
    In the learning process, educators face challenges in assessing the level of attention of their students in classes, a crucial metric for effectively implementing active learning activities that improve learning outcomes. This challenge is even more pronounced in a virtual environment, as the issue is exacerbated by the lack of proximity found in a traditional classroom. This study addresses this difficulty, exploring the current barriers in measuring attention levels and proposing a digital tool capable of non-intrusively measuring and displaying this level of attention. The tool, built from a specifically designed architecture, has the ability to capture, store, and visually display the attention level of each student participating in a virtual class. A prototype was built from this architecture, which also integrates a Natural Language Processing service, specifically using the GPT-4 language model, to suggest active learning activities to the teacher. For future work, it is proposed to expand the prototype so that it can be useful for students, as well as to verify its usefulness in other contexts such as conferences or talks.
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    Hacia un modelo predictivo que apoye el logro de KPI comerciales más asertivos : caso Empresa Comercializadora de Madera
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Tavera Rodríguez, Jhon Walter; Tabares Betancur, Marta Silvia
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    Metodología para la modernización de los sistemas auxiliares mecánicos en válvulas esféricas de las centrales hidroeléctricas con turbinas tipo Pelton
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Gutiérrez Benítez, Alonso; Botero Herrera, Francisco Javier
    Currently in Colombia the demand for electricity is increasing and the generation network that the country has several years of operation, considering that most of the hydroelectric plants were built between 1960 and 1980. According to the above, it is extremely important to have a methodology applicable to more than half of the hydroelectric powerplants present in Colombia, which generate energy through Pelton-type turbines, to modernize the mechanical equipment and extend the useful life of the plant to guarantee a more efficient energy generation and without emergency stops due to equipment failures. This document presents a description of the systems and equipment installed in the spherical valves of hydroelectric plants with Pelton-type turbines, their operation and a detailed methodology that results in a documentary structure for the bidding process.
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    Movement in video classification using structured data : Workout videos application
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Múnera Muñoz, Jonathan Damián; Tabares Betancur, Marta Silvia
    Nowadays, several video movement classification methodologies are based on reading and processing each frame using image classification algorithms. However, it is rare to find approaches using angle distribution over time. This paper proposes video movement classification based on the exercise states calculated from each frame's angles. Different video classification approaches and their respective variables and models were analyzed to achieve this, using unstructured data: images. Besides, structure data as angles from critical joints Armpits, legs, elbows, hips, and torso inclination were calculated directly from workout videos, allowing the implementation of classification models such as the KNN and Decision Trees. The result shows these techniques can achieve similar accuracy, close to 95\%, concerning Neural Networks algorithms, the primary model used in the previously mentioned approaches. Finally, it was possible to conclude that using structured data for movement classification models allows for lower performance costs and computing resources than using unstructured data without compromising the quality of the model.
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    Modeling Variability and Compositionality of Web User Interfaces at a Domain Engineering Level
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Orrego López, Jonathan Deyrson; Mazo Peña, Raúl
    The development of Web User Interfaces (WUIs) is constantly evolving by incorporating new methodologies in the context of Web and product design. Although the Web design process has demonstrated successful use cases by improving user experience, this process is primarily focused on personalization rather than modeling a WUI product at scale. A Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) framework has been explored to incorporate the process of modeling variability and compositionality of WUIs. These modeling techniques have proven to be applicable in the development of WUIs although these techniques have not been applied simultaneously. With the help of VariaMos framework and Web application, a WUI Modeling Language has been designed allowing programmers to manage both variability and compositionality of WUIs at a domain engineering level. Mainly, this study will demonstrate to what extent a use case can be modeled by using the implemented WUI Modeling Language.
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    Feasibility of using Monocular Visual SLAM with ROS for robot navigation in warehouses
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Parada Cuadros, Oswaldo José; Castaño Cano, Davinson; Castaño Cano, Davinson
    In recent years, the use of robots in industrial facilities has become widespread. Particularly, the logistics and inventory management industry has benefited from technological advances, however, the high costs of these technologies prevent many companies from adopting this degree of automation. In this research, we propose the feasibility of using monocular Visual SLAM as an alternative to reduce costs in the localization hardware used for robot navigation in warehouses. For that, we study open source implementations, especially those based on ORB-SLAM2, ROS and Ubuntu. Then, we propose a testing environment compose by a Turtle Bot 2 robot and a location that ensembles some of the characteristics of warehouses. Our analysis shows that it is possible to use monocular Visual SLAM in warehouses, however, we mention some elements in the software and hardware that should be fixed or improved in current implementations in order to robustly and safely operate robots in an indoor storage environment.
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    ADAM : Método Ágil para Adopción de estrategias de DevOps
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Soto Velásquez, Jairo Alberto; Mazo Peña, Raúl
    This research paper focuses on the concept of DevOps. DevOps is the acronym Development and Operations English and consists of a set of Practices to improve automation and monitoring at all steps of the Software construction, from integration, testing and deployment, to Configuration and management of the infrastructure required for the software works properly. Good practices are implemented in many industrial development projects of DevOps without leveraging engineering methods, which leads to implement practices that are unnecessary for the project, or fail to implement other practices that They improve the different stages of this. This paper presents the adoption method of DevOps called Agile DevOps Adoption Methodology (ADAM). The method consists of in a series of activities that are implemented on a cyclical basis, starting with the identification of the current state of DevOps adoption, following the creation of the backlog of good DevOps practices, following the definition of the objectives of service level, service level indicators, and finally practices of Monitoring and observability to measure the effectiveness of the proposed method. This method of We evaluate adoption in the case of a web application for the design of products called VariaMos. The results obtained allowed us to conclude on the speed and level of automation of ADAM adoption process management. In the evaluation, we found that using ADAM deployment times and lead time (lead time) decreased by more than 500%, compared to a Deploy without any method and executed manually. In addition, the use of ADAM does not affected the quality of the product with which the method was evaluated; which has allowed a Greater product evolution and improved confidence on the part of end users. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced by 50%. In the results obtained we also found that the time to DevOps adoption is much longer at the start of the project, but as the practices are adopted, the time is reduced. These Results constitute a first empirical evidence of the potential of the method ADAM proposed in this paper on improving the adoption of DevOps in the construction of Web applications.
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