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  • A conversation with Robert Nozick about Liberland 

    Pineda Toro, Mariana; Aristizábal Saldarriaga, Carolina (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)
    Robert Nozick's libertarian variant remains one of the most unique modern updates of liberalism. Through the recreation of a hypothetical interview, the American theorist engages here in a dialogue about the political ...
  • John Locke: on the principles of the social pact and his struggle against monarchical absolutism 

    Cardona, Andrés (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)
    This article presents some of John Locke's fundamental contributions to the consolidation of liberal thought. It begins with an introduction to the political context that animates his thought, then outlines the basic points ...
  • Liberalism understood as an ethical perspective 

    Peralta Vélez, Ana María (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)
    One of the reasons why liberalism aspires to be a better form of political organization of society lies in the supposed impartiality of its normative principles as opposed to comprehensive positions of the good. This article ...
  • Rights in Hans Kelsen's God and State 

    Castellanos Ramelli, Pablo (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)
    This article deals with the analysis made by the famous jurist Hans Kelsen on the problem of sovereignty, tracing the convergences and divergences that lie in two models of sovereignty: the political and the religious. In ...
  • Back to Ciceron. A proposed reading of Cicero in the key of political recognition 

    Quintero Suárez, Santiago (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)
    After the presentation of a brief definition of political recognition, it is shown why the political identity of subjects and communities is being challenged by social processes. social processes, including the current ...
  • The fate of tyrannical souls 

    Vega Giraldo, Alejandro (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)
    The ethical question of the good life in ancient philosophy was always linked to the public behavior of life in the polis. to the public behavior of life in the polis. In this article, the fate of tyrannical souls according ...
  • Platon: the romantic philosopher who condemned poets 

    Navarro Bohórquez, Daniela (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)
    This article reconstructs the basic motive for Platon's censure of certain poetry in his famous book, the Republic, based on the reasoning of Socrates on the ideal basis of a well censures certain poetry in his famous book ...
  • Humanitarian terrorism. From the Gulf War to the carnage in Gaza, by Danilo Zolo 

    Aristizábal Saldarriaga, Carolina (Universidad EAFIT, 2017-10)