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    Evaluación intermedia de cumplimiento de la política pública de Sabaneta 2016-2026
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Alcaraz, Jonny Alberto; Alfonso Cely, Stefanny; Gándara Guerra, Nerea
    The municipality of Sabaneta is often referred to as the young city of the Valle de Aburrá. Young people represent one-fifth of the total population of the municipality. Therefore, the public youth policy of Sabaneta 2016–2026 sought to solve the needs of the young people of Sabaneta for many problems encountered, through different intervention strategies. However, the programmatic objectives defined in the design of the policy could only be implemented to the extent of the interests of the different governments, which were often contrary to the expectations of the population. As a result, the municipality's young people did not find the programs and projects implemented within the framework of the public youth policy sufficient, effective, or satisfactory.
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    La Asamblea Departamental en el proceso de las políticas públicas en Antioquia : un análisis a la dinámica de formulación y debate de las ordenanzas
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Alvarado Ospina, Alejandra; Gómez Salinas, Laura Estefania; Vieira Silva, Juan Guillermo
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    Análisis de los Procesos Restaurativos Integrales con Enfoque Territorial (PRIET). Una propuesta de instrumento de gobierno para la implementación del punto 5 del acuerdo final para la paz en Medellín
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Pérez Velásquez, Nicolás Darío; Zapata Londoño, Andrés; Mesa Betancur, Xamara
    Although the Peace Agreement and the changes that arise with it aim to territorialize national provisions for effective peacebuilding, from the very conception of its design and approval, an urban approach or component that would give clues was not considered. or tools to territorial entities for the implementation of agreements in non-rural contexts. It is there, where the Comprehensive Restorative Processes with a Territorial Approach (PRIET) are formulated, an initiative of the Secretariat of Non-Violence of Medellín, for the implementation of point 5 of the Peace Agreement in the city with an urban focus. Thus, in the development of this work, an analysis of the State at the local level and its practical ways of materializing peace through the PRIET is proposed, seeking to investigate how these are framed as instruments of territorialization and construction of territorial peace in the city, and its relationship both in the implementation of the Peace Agreement and in the Public Peace Policy of Medellín.
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    Análisis de agendas políticas subnacionales : el caso de la Asamblea Departamental de Antioquia 2001-2023
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Gallego Congote, Daniel; Vieira Silva, Juan Guillermo
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    Evaluación de implementación a la política “Construye bien” en el Distrito de Medellín (2020-2023)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Ossa Vásquez, Laura Camila; Roldán Zapata, Juan Diego; Ramos Villa, María Eugenia; Chacón Barrero, Mario Leonardo
    The Construye Bien Policy has been implemented in the Medellín District since 2018. Its aim is to develop prevention, awareness, identification, surveillance, geo-referencing, monitoring, and control activities for legal, informal, and illegal construction processes. Given the implications of the Policy, this document proposes to carry out an implementation evaluation of the thematic axis of Control and Surveillance, specifically in the polygon that includes the Santa Elena district, with part of the Manrique, Villa Hermosa and Buenos Aires neighborhoods with the Piedras Blancas, Matasano and Media Luna villages, between 2020 and 2023. The study focused on this specific area because it is one of the 65 zones prioritized by the policy, as it is one of the areas with the greatest impact on the growth of irregular settlements. Four interviews were conducted with people involved in the issue, who presented their views on the development of the District's policy. The final stage of this study is the implementation evaluation, which will allow us to conclude whether or not the policy is being effective in the control and surveillance of the territory. The national government, for example, has shown little interest in partially or totally demolishing the irregular settlements and is more inclined to seek options for consensus-building without considering the level of risk that many of these informal constructions represent for the communities. That is why in the recommendations we are including some elements that could be incorporated to improve the application and reduce the possible negative impact that the policy may have generated in vulnerable communities.
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    Análisis de las políticas públicas para el mejoramiento e impulso del empleo y la productividad en Quibdó (Chocó – Colombia)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2024) Guerrero Morales, Kevin Miguel; Ramos Villa, María Eugenia
    This research analyzes whether the current public policy on employment and productivity, in force in Quibdó (Chocó) since 2019, has had a real impact on the improvement of one or both subjects; the analysis is focused on the main diagnosed causes that generate the high rates of unemployment and lack of productivity in said municipality; likewise, the barriers and limitations in the implementation of the public policy are identified, which hinder the achievement of positive results in terms of employment and productivity in this territory of Colombia; and, finally, strategic recommendations are proposed that can be integrated into Quibdó's public policy to obtain more and better results in terms of employment and productivity.
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    Los observatorios de política pública en el Valle de Aburrá : una mirada a su incidencia en la toma de decisiones
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Flórez Acevedo, Lizeth Andrea; Gutiérrez Gómez, Oscar Eduardo; Vásquez, Carolina Sánchez
    Public policies in public management are a key instrument for participatory construction. Through the realities of the population to which they are directed, these policies establish strategic intervention actions to transform situations that limit access and enjoyment of rights. In this sense, an information system is necessary to allow sufficient monitoring and generate data that contributes to decision-making and improvements in results. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to analyze how public policy observatories in the Valle de Aburrá affect public decision-making in a delimited period of 10 years (2012-2022). For this, a qualitative approach was used with the technique of document analysis, using information sent by the 10 municipalities that are part of the subregion of interest and public entities responsible for monitoring public administration. The results showed that, although there are advances in municipalities that have administrative and financial capacity (as is the case with Medellín), the majority do not have a functioning observatory that allows decision-making with more specific information about their local realities. On the contrary, they mostly rely on indicators from regional or national entities.
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    Evaluación de la de la política pública para la inclusión, equidad y garantía de derechos para las mujeres del municipio de Itagüí 2015-2025. Un análisis de la dimensión económica
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Vásquez Pulgarín, Natalia; Atuesta Becerra, Laura Helena
    The evaluation of the public policy for inclusion, equity and guarantee of rights for women in the municipality of Itagüí 2015-2025, seeks to generate an assessment of the progress in the implementation of the policy, in order to determine its effectiveness, coherence between the design and implementation, and whether it has produced the expected social changes in terms of the situation of the women of Itagüí, delving into the economic dimension. As conceptual references in carrying out this study, the Model for the Analysis and Design of Public Policies -MADPP of the EAFIT University is mainly used, which in turn uses the sequential approach, which allows the process of public policies to be disaggregated and centered the study at a specific stage or moment of these, and is carried out through a qualitative methodology with an interpretive approach, which focuses the analysis on the information available from the execution of programs, projects, actions and resources framed in the policy, specifically in the line of economic autonomy, and is compared with information obtained from primary sources. Among the findings, it is found that, despite the fact that there have been institutional transformations in the administrative structure to manage gender issues, public policy fails to implement what was planned in its affirmative actions, both due to the number of actions that do not materialize in indicators, activities and resources in the project through which the implementation occurs, as well as the absence of a logical framework that explains the theory of change that is desired when transforming the objectives into desired results and/or impacts, which is observed as implementation gaps.
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    Direccionamiento estratégico en la gestión publica territorial en Colombia : el caso de la Gobernación de Antioquia (2020-2023)
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Alzate Zapata, Libia Eugenia; Vieira Silva, Juan Guillermo
    In a dynamic and challenging public management environment, the imperative of addressing fundamental issues concerning strategic direction becomes paramount. This study explores into the case of the Governorship of Antioquia during the period 2020-2023, where a unique proposition has emerged due to the absence of specific regulations and policies governing strategic direction. This novel proposal requires thorough scrutiny and broader dissemination. To confront this scenario, the territorial entity undertook a comprehensive modernization of its administrative structure in 2020, introducing a managerial model and establishing a Public Conglomerate. This model serves as a robust framework for enhancing strategic direction across the spectrum of regional government activities and the 24 decentralized entities in which the department maintains ownership interests. Its primary objective is to fortify the governing and administrative bodies by articulating and monitoring the strategic vision. These bodies play a pivotal role in ensuring effective oversight and safeguarding the department's interests. Ultimately, this article concludes that, even in the absence of comprehensive national regulations in the public sector, the achievement of effective strategic direction is feasible through the voluntary adoption of best practices, as exemplified by the Public Management Model of the Governorship of Antioquia.
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    La Ley de Certificaciones en los municipios del Valle de Aburrá entre 2015 y 2022
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Rincón Orozco, Mariana; Nieto Palacio, Felipe
    The "Sistema General de Participaciones" was created following the main purpose of decentralizing the public services investments in Colombia. This led to various discussions in Congress, creating Law 715 from 2001, because being closer to its beneficiaries it would be more efficient. This investigation pretends to study the existing relation between transactions and investments in health and education, moreover, if the law's aim is fulfilled, analyzing the relation between investments in both areas and the net coverage rate in health and education, this being done by descriptive statistics, a fixed effects model for each case and data panels for Valle de Aburrá's municipalities from 2015 to 2022. Finally, these relations are confirmed, so the initial mechanism and the law's or SGP's main purpose is fulfilled. Nevertheless, analyzing these relations among certified municipalities in education do not confirm significative relations.
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    Efectos de un modelo simulado de concejo municipal en la participación ciudadana en Medellín en los grados décimo y once en la red de personeros de Belén
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) López López, Estefanía; Cadena Gaitán, Carlos Miguel
    The study presented delves into the Student Council Model 2023, a pedagogical proposal aimed at instilling democratic and civic principles in youth. Through immersion in the dynamics of a municipal council, young individuals assume representative roles, debating and formulating proposals. The research drew on the theoretical framework of democratic participation, civic education, and the role of youth in decision-making processes. The adopted method involves a qualitative study where, backed by the network of student representatives from the Belén commune, students from 10 institutions were integrated. The results showed that the simulation strengthens skills such as oratory and critical analysis, and promotes a deep understanding of democratic structures. Furthermore, the experience emphasized the importance of civic education in building more informed and participative societies. The diversity of participants provided a representative sample, concluding that initiatives like this are crucial for shaping future leaders who are aware and committed to the common welfare within a democratic framework
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    Turismo con fines de comercialización sexual en Medellín : una mirada desde los actores involucrados y recomendaciones de política pública
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Tamayo Henao, Marisela; Lesmes Gómez, Magda Paola; Vieira Silva, Juan Guillermo
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    Recomendaciones para solucionar los problemas de coordinación intergubernamental en el sistema nacional de atención y reparación a las víctimas –SNARIV– como mecanismo articulador de la política de atención, asistencia y reparación integral a las víctimas del conflicto armado interno en Colombia
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Heredia Tovar, Marlon Steven; Gómez Parra, Juan Felipe; Duncan Cruz, Gustavo Roberto
    In the present work, it is proposed to explain the evolution that the Public Policy for Victims has had in Colombia from its emergence to the present, as well as the difficulties that in terms of Nation-Territory coordination within the framework of the National System of Attention and Reparation to Victims –SNARIV– as an articulating mechanism of the policy of care, assistance and comprehensive reparation to the victims of the internal armed conflict in Colombia, have emerged since then. Then, we will try to expose the consequences of the insufficient and deficient coordination between the different levels of Government in what has to do with the implementation of the Policy, and then formulate alternatives to solve this "bottleneck", carrying out a feasibility analysis of each of the intervention instruments in terms of Public Policy, proposed for the solution of said problems.
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    Unidad técnica de políticas públicas de salud : propuesta de diseño y viabilidad. Sena, Antioquia. 2023
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Rúa Pérez, Edward Andrés; Chavarro Bermeo, Flor Elena
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    Análisis comparativo de los efectos por el cambio de criterios de selección para acceder al subsidio del programa Mi Casa Ya de la Política Pública Nacional de Vivienda 2015-2023
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) López Gutierréz, Margarita María; Colorado Lopera, Sergio Andrés; Maya Salazar, Adolfo León
    Colombia, since 1991, has allocated a significant investment in housing financing through programs that support the acquisition of new housing. One of the programs that has stimulated housing acquisition and impacted the reduction of housing deficit is the "Mi Casa Ya" Program, which was implemented from 2015 during Juan Manuel Santos' government. With the inauguration of the new national government under Gustavo Petro Urrego from 2022 to 2026, changes were made in the selection processes. This study comparatively analyzes the turning point (April 2023) when the criteria for accessing the subsidy of the Program changed. The evidence suggests that the downward trend in the quantitative housing deficit shifted. This indicates that the modifications to the program's selection criteria are not aiding in resolving the significant gaps in the country's housing issue.
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    Análisis de las medidas de política pública en pro del enfoque de género del Municipio de Itagüí a la luz de los lineamientos de la jurisprudencia constitucional
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Cano Hoyos, Lina Marcela; García Jaramillo, Leonardo
    The present research will start from a qualitative study with a hermeneutic analytical approach that seeks to understand and interpret the assumptions that make up the design of the municipal agreement regarding the gender approach formulated in the municipality of Itagui for the period 2015 – 2025. It examines whether said agreement, in its design and formulation, complies with the guidelines established by constitutional jurisprudence on the matter, emphasizing the importance of public policies as tools to promote well-being and social justice and, therefore, the need to address the gender violence and inequalities through effective public policies that achieve the materialization of constitutional guarantees. In this sense, the objective is to verify how the need to apply the gender perspective in public policies is derived from the principles and constitutional jurisprudence and to illustrate how these provisions are applied at the territorial level. Finally, it is concluded that constitutional jurisprudence does not establish specific parameters but does opt for the application of constitutional principles within the formulation of said policies, against which, the specific case shows a correct adaptation to said principles, however it is presented in a general way, which is why the importance of public policies on gender matters not being merely declarative, but rather translating into concrete actions that comprehensively address gender violence and gender inequalities, is highlighted. This involves the allocation of resources, the training of the personnel involved and the creation of effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.
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    Participación del sector privado en la construcción de valor social en Medellín. Caso Proantioquia y sus estrategias de incidencia en la gestión pública
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Betancur Orlas, Sandra Carolina; Ramos Villa, María Eugenia
    This work addresses the question about the factors that contribute to the success of the private sector advocacy around public management taking Proantioquia and its work between 2006 and 2020 as a case study. The private sector has a main role in generating social development. It is an agent that affects development from a capital profitability perspective and the creation of public and social value. Some of the recommendations that result from this work have to do with the participation of the private sector in the creation of transformative projects with a long-term vision and articulated work.
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    Incorporación del erotismo en la política pública de sexualidad, derechos sexuales y reproductivos en Colombia 2014- 2021
    (Universidad EAFIT, 2023) Mazo Chavarría, Adriana Patricia; Vieira Silva, Juan Guillermo; Herrera Posada, Daniela
    Human sexuality has always been a topic of general interest, construction, analysis and discussion; Eroticism, despite being an essential component of sexuality, has been less studied, analyzed, and therefore is trapped and overshadowed by the myths, beliefs and taboos of all societies. This degree work focuses on analyzing the incorporation and definition of eroticism in the public policy of sexuality, sexual and reproductive rights in Colombia 2014 - 2021. The study has a qualitative approach with an interpretive perspective with an exploratory - descriptive scope with primary and secondary sources. The information was collected through semi-structured interviews and focus groups; Tracing of documents, texts and physical and electronic investigations was used, which came close to the definition of eroticism and PP. It has been shown that eroticism is an essential part of the experience of sexuality and an integral component of the quality of life of human beings. However, existing public policies have placed greater emphasis on the prevention of unplanned pregnancies and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, leaving aside the erotic dimension of sexuality. It is expected that the results of the research will be taken into account to strengthen and expand public policy on sexuality, sexual rights and reproductive rights in Colombia.
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