Methodology for PLM implementations



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Universidad EAFIT


The large amount of information which is created during product development, the increasing products complexity, and globalization have lead to developing Product Lifecycle management (PLM) strategies. PLM allows managing information and processes developed and conducted through the product lifecycle, connecting all the stakeholders regardless their geographic location. This strategy is supported by technological platforms which provide the means for performing the engineering processes in a collaborative way. However, the platform implementation depends on a properly strategy definition and execution. PLM strategies are widely used in the global context, nevertheless, in developing countries such as Colombia this kind of implementations are not common due to the up-front costs and the lack of knowledge and experience in the implementation process. Due to that, the presented research describes a methodology for conducting PLM strategy implementations in Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME) of local context, based in the use of an Open Source PLM system.


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Trabajo intelectual. Universidad EAFIT, Tesis. Maestría en Ingeniería, Ciclo de vida del producto, Gestión del Ciclo de Vida del Producto (GCVP), Producción limpia