mantisGRID: a grid platform for DICOM medical images management in Colombia and Latin America.


This paper presents the mantisGRID project, an interinstitutional initiative from Colombian medical and academic centers aiming to provide medical grid services for Colombia and Latin America. The mantisGRID is a GRID platform, based on open source grid infrastructure that provides the necessary services to access and exchange medical images and associated information following digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) and health level 7 standards. The paper focuses first on the data abstraction architecture, which is achieved via Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration (OGSA-DAI) services and supported by the Globus Toolkit. The grid currently uses a 30-Mb bandwidth of the Colombian High Technology Academic Network, RENATA, connected to Internet 2. It also includes a discussion on the relational database created to handle the DICOM objects that were represented using Extensible Markup Language Schema documents, as well as other features implemented such as data security, user authentication, and patient confidentiality. Grid performance was tested using the three current operative nodes and the results demonstrated comparable query times between the mantisGRID (OGSA-DAI) and Distributed mySQL databases, especially for a large number of records.


Palabras clave

Colombia, Colombians, Data abstraction, Data access, Digital imaging and communications in medicines, Globus Toolkit, Grid infrastructures, Grid performance, Grid platform, Grid services, Health level 7, Health level 7 (HL7), Healthgrid, High technology, High-performance computing, Internet2, Latin America, Medical images, MySQL database, OGSA-DAI, Open grid services architecture, Open sources, Patient confidentiality, Query time, Relational Database, User authentication, Authentication, Computer software selection and evaluation, Medical applications, Medical imaging, Medicine, Network architecture, Open systems, XML, Grid computing, article, Colombia, data base, factual database, hospital information system, human, medical informatics, methodology, South and Central America, Colombia, Database Management Systems, Databases, Factual, Humans, Latin America, Medical Informatics, Radiology Information Systems