A possible restriction of ferro- and ferricyanide oxidoreductase activities of rat liver mitochondria by the outer membrane.



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In this work, various ferro-ferricyanide oxidoreductase activities of rat liver mitochondria were studied to find conditions under which the outer membrane might restrict the flux of these highly charged non-biological anions. When the isotonic low ionic strength medium was supplemented with 25mM KCl, a several-fold increase in the succinate-ferricyanide reductase activity of mitochondria and in the rate of external NADH oxidation in the presence of ferrocyanide was observed. Mitochondrial respiration with 5mM ferrocyanide was almost completely inhibited after consumption of 3.8-18.5% of the dissolved oxygen, depending on the medium and the presence of 2,4-dinitrophenol. These and other experimental data together with mathematical modeling of the redox-state equilibrium suggest that the measured activities might be restricted by two factors: first, the permeability of the outer mitochondrial membrane and second, a strong influence of the ionic strength of incubation media on the intermembrane space redox reactions.


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