Development of a model for evaluating the NPD process in SMEs: A Latin American experience



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This article presents the findings resulting from a research project carried out in Medellin, Colombia, that was aimed at developing a model of diagnosis for the NPD process in manufacturing SMEs, adapted to the Latin American context. Four aspects were considered to develop the model: (i) Rational logic for problem solving based on the paradigm that a problem can be solved through systematic application of general principles and standardized knowledge, (ii) The Grounded Theory research approach, (iii) Integration of learning processes based on reflective and, (iv) Kolb's learning cycle as basic premises for the generation of a prescriptive model considering that the diagnosis process involves a learning process. Results obtained from the four companies selected for the study helped to validate an initial version. The model has proven to have great potential to improve the NPD process, as well as an opportunity to develop future comparative studies. Findings in the discussion and further reflection generated by the application of the four tools that encompasses the model within the companies, proved to be appropriated as a reflective practice and also a continuing learning process for SMEs. © 2014 Published by Elsevier B.V.


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