Education and population dynamics



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Universidad EAFIT


The economic literature identifies two effects of schooling on population structure: a negative effect of parent’s schooling on fertility and a positive effect of schooling on life expectancy. As schooling increases, the population pyramid tend to morph from a triangular to a dome shape. In this work, we review the effects of schooling on the evolution of population pyramid shapes at different geographical scales (e.g., country, state, city). We use this relationship to explain the future shape of the population pyramid in a simple way. We find that schooling, measured as average years of education, can robustly explain up to 70% of the evolution of the population piramide shape 25 years ahead at any geographical scale. JEL Codes: E70, I21, J11, J13


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Pirámide de población, escolarización, educación, leyes naturales, fertilidad, natalidad, esperanza de vida.