An implicit class of continuous dynamical system with data-sample outputs: a robust approach


This paper addresses the problem of robust control for a class of nonlinear dynamical systems in the continuous time domain. We deal with nonlinear models described by differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) in the presence of bounded uncertainties. The full model of the control system under consideration is completed by linear sampling-type outputs. The linear feedback control design proposed in this manuscript is created by application of an extended version of the conventional invariant ellipsoid method. Moreover, we also apply some specific Lyapunov-based descriptor techniques from the stability theory of continuous systems. The above combination of the modified invariant ellipsoid approach and descriptor method makes it possible to obtain the robustness of the designed control and to establish some well-known stability properties of dynamical systems under consideration. Finally, the applicability of the proposed method is illustrated by a computational example. A brief discussion on the main implementation issue is also included.


Palabras clave

robust control, DAE, semi-explicit DAE, attractive ellipsoid, invariant ellipsoid, Luenberguer observer, sample-data output, descriptor method, implicit systems