El Sistema Penitenciario y Carcelario como servicio público: puntos de encuentro y divergencia



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Universidad EAFIT


This paper pretends to analyze critically whether the prison system is truly a public service or if it corresponds to the exercise of public/administrative functions -- To undertake this analysis, it will make an initial approach to the concepts and elements that compose the notions of public function, administrative function and public service -- Then, it will determine what has been the evolution of each notion along the time emphasizing on their differences, particularities and relationships -- Likewise it will make a conceptualization about what is the Penitentiary and Prison System and which are the norms, institutions, services, objectives and practices that compose it -- Finally, it will analyze if the functions, services and activities carried out in the Penitentiary and Prison System belong exclusively to the State or if it would be possible to set other models of provision inside Colombia's legal and constitutional regime


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Ley 65 de 1993 - Artículo 14, Tratamiento penitenciario, Función administrativa, Servicios públicos - Legislación - Colombia