Diseño de una Oficina de Gestion de Proyectos (PMO) en la Universidad EAFIT para la ejecución de Proyectos de C&T con Recursos Públicos



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In Colombia there are several funds to finance R&D projects, both public and private. Among the public entities are Colciencias, SENA, Innpulsa, Ruta N and the General System of Royalties -SGR-. Generally the execution of such projects with public resources is complex because in their various stages of development and implementation must be arranged multiple stakeholders, such as national and local government, academia, the private sector and the communities in the regions where projects or programs are executed, and also instances of evaluation and monitoring. It is under this complex framework that is presented the experience of Eafit University in designing a model of Project Management Office (PMO) and the results of its implementation in the execution of projects of science and technology financed with public resources. As a result, it was evidenced the necessity to structure a management model to coordinate programs that require a higher level of monitoring and supervision, which allows to implement some useful measures to manage these, as they were the definition of communication channels efficiently articulated between stakeholders and implementation of dashboards for monitoring. This model was adjusted based on the knowledge areas and process groups of the guide proposed by PMI.


Palabras clave

PMO; Project management office; Projects; Science and technology programs