Evaluation of two strategies NMPC into HIL applied to the operation of an internal combustion engine



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The hardware in the loop (HIL) platforms constitute an accelerated engineering design medium that subsequently reduces the risk of failure in the implementation process. This fact is enhanced when the designer is faced with extremely complex tasks and when design errors can lead to destructive and costly testing. The design of complex algorithms such as non-linear controllers applied to electronic control units of combustion engines, is a task of higher complexity level, and tests with incorrectly adjusted drivers can result in engine breakdown. This document reports the performance and effectiveness of a two-HIL scheme as an interactive design platform used for the design of electronic control units ECU, for internal combustion engines. The implementation and adjustment of two NMPC strategies aimed at optimizing the operation of the engine from three fronts: energetic, economic and environmental, involving independent and simultaneous objectives, give an account of the usefulness of the interactive design scheme. © 2017, Springer-Verlag France.


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