Fast analytic simulation for multi-laser heating of sheet metal in GPU



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Interactive multi-beam laser machining simulation is crucial in the context of tool path planning and optimization of laser machining parameters. Current simulation approaches for heat transfer analysis (1) rely on numerical Finite Element methods (or any of its variants), non-suitable for interactive applications; and (2) require the multiple laser beams to be completely synchronized in trajectories, parameters and time frames. To overcome this limitation, this manuscript presents an algorithm for interactive simulation of the transient temperature field on the sheet metal. Contrary to standard numerical methods, our algorithm is based on an analytic solution in the frequency domain, allowing arbitrary time/space discretizations without loss of precision and non-monotonic retrieval of the temperature history. In addition, the method allows complete asynchronous laser beams with independent trajectories, parameters and time frames. Our implementation in a GPU device allows simulations at interactive rates even for a large amount of simultaneous laser beams. The presented method is already integrated into an interactive simulation environment for sheet cutting. Ongoing work addresses thermal stress coupling and laser ablation. © 2018 by the authors.


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