The design and development of a manual tool for die cutting and embossing on paper (Case of study for the company MR PRINT SDN BHD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)



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MR. PRINT SDN BHD is a graphic design, printing and delivering company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 1993. This project is the result of an analysis and study made internally in MR PRINT SDN BHD, to identify the activities that present problems in terms of performance, time and cost. The idea is to solve one of the biggest needs in one of the most important processes in the company: the die cutting and embossing activities. The project includes the design and development of a manual machine (using human power) to do, in a faster and easier way, all the paper die cutting and embossing activities for all the client’s requests below 200 units or trial and tests runs.


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