Double Fourier analysis for Emotion Identification in Voiced Speech



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We propose a novel analysis alternative, based on two Fourier Transforms for emotion recognition from speech -- Fourier analysis allows for display and synthesizes different signals, in terms of power spectral density distributions -- A spectrogram of the voice signal is obtained performing a short time Fourier Transform with Gaussian windows, this spectrogram portraits frequency related features, such as vocal tract resonances and quasi-periodic excitations during voiced sounds -- Emotions induce such characteristics in speech, which become apparent in spectrogram time-frequency distributions -- Later, the signal time-frequency representation from spectrogram is considered an image, and processed through a 2-dimensional Fourier Transform in order to perform the spatial Fourier analysis from it -- Finally features related with emotions in voiced speech are extracted and presented


Palabras clave

Transformadas de Wavelet, Procesamiento digital de voz, Morfología matemática