Demanda de dinero en América Latina, 1996-2016: una aplicación de cointegración en datos de panel



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Universidad de los Andes


The study of money demand enables us to understand the macroeconomic effects of monetary policy. In this paper, we estimate the money demand for 15 Latin American countries from 1996 to 2016, using panel cointegra-tion and FMOLS estimation methods. We also estimate a model of dynamic common factors to test for the existence of common trends between coun-tries. The results show a long run relationship between money demand, income, and interest rates. However, there is no evidence of common factors between countries, which is consistent with the heterogeneity observed in the estimated elasticities. Contrary to what we expected, in several cases, the estimated income elasticity is greater than one, which could be associated with agents’ higher risk perceptions which affect their liquidity preferences. © 2020, Universidad de los Andes, Facultad de Economia. All rights reserved.


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