A private equity firm to acquire the furniture company La-Z-Boy



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Universidad EAFIT
Brandeis University


A leveraged buyout (LBO) is a common transaction within private equity firms, although not restricted to them. It refers to a transaction in which a company buys out another company, often buying the entirety of the outstanding shares and funding the transaction with debt. This type of transaction has both proponents and opponents, because while it may be true that the use of debt increases the return on equity, it may also be the case that an otherwise company with a strong balance sheet be turned into a financially distressed company. This paper goes through the process of structuring an LBO and assessing the implications that it could have for both the company and its investors.


Palabras clave

Capital privado, Compra apalancada de empresas, Fusiones y adquisiciones, Inversiones, Finanzas