Meanings of the Administrative Act in the Constitutional Court Jurisprudence



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Universidad del Rosario


This paper analyzes the meanings the Constitutional Court has assigned to the expression ``administrative act'', contained -both in its singular and plural forms- in several normative statements of the 1991 Political Constitution, with the purpose of concluding if that Corporation, in the exercise of its role as guardian of the Constitutions integrity and supremacy, has built a uniform definition of administrative act or if, on the contrary, it has used diverse and even contradictory notions. Likewise, the paper asks and offers an answer to if the existence of an administrative act's correct definition can be extracted from the Constitution or if defining it, is an activity conferred to the Congress of the Republic, the National Government, the Constitutional Court or the Council of State, which enjoy of configuring freedom for building that concept.


Palabras clave

Administrative act, meaning, jurisprudence, Constitutional Court, political constitution