Conceptual knowledge modeling as support in knowledge engineering



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Universidad de Tarapaca


This article introduces a proposal for knowledge models use to support knowledge engineering processes. The proposed knowledge model allows the presentation on a structured way of a domain's declarative knowledge, through the knowledge representation technique of concept maps. Knowledge Engineering has been related with the development of systems based on knowledge where knowledge and reasoning are the main players. As a discipline, leads the task of building smart systems offering tools and methods that support the implementation of such system, involving: knowledge gathering, getting to know the domain, solution analysis and design, and knowledge validation. All of this integrates the knowledge engineering processes: acquisition, representation and knowledge manipulation/validation. In this article shows how a knowledge model based on concept maps supports the achievement of each of these processes, allowing domain concepts to be easily identifiable and organized on a hierarchical way, achieving the generation of a global domain vision and a homologation of its concepts. Additionally, the case of a knowledge model is presented, created as part of the project "Petroleum Geology of Colombia" being implemented on the Geology department of EAFIT University, and sponsored by ANH of Colombia, where the knowledge of geologist and engineers experts on Colombian petroliferous basins is presented.


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