DigitLAB, an Environment and Language for Manipulation of 3D Digitizations



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In Computer Aided Geometric Design the fitting of surfaces to massive series of data points has many applications, ranging from medicine to aerophotogrametry -- However, even the mathematical meaning of fitting a surface to a set of points is dependent on functional considerations, and not only on the geometric properties of the point set -- Also, characteristics of some parts of the data set must be interpreted as stochastic in nature, while others must be taken as literal and therefore they become constraints of the surface -- For these reasons, among others, automated surface fitting alone does not produce results usable at industrial level -- At the same time, it does not take advantage of sampling patterns, particular shapes of the cross sections, functionally different regions within the object, etc -- The latest literature reviews show the need for utilities to process point data sets that must be asynchronous, (applicable at any time and upon any region of the point set) -- Addressing this need, this article reports new tools developed within DigitLAB, a language that allows topological traversal, retrieval and statistical modifications to the data, and surface fitting -- They can handle arbitrary topology, as case studies in medicine, mathematics, landscaping, etc discussed here demonstrate


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