The Influence of Uncertainty Avoidance on Future Intentions of International Volunteers’ Service Abroad



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Universidad EAFIT


International Volunteer Service (IVS) has become more popular around the world and increasingly people take breaks from their studies or jobs to work as volunteers in other countries (Meneghini, 2016) -- However, research on how uncertainty avoidance affects future intentions of volunteering abroad is rather limited -- Based on empirical data collected from 165 international volunteers who completed their service in Colombia, this study evaluated the effect of uncertainty avoidance on their intentions to continue working abroad -- The Structural Equation modeling technique was used to analyze the data -- The results indicate that uncertainty avoidance predicts future intentions to volunteer abroad


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Servicio Voluntario Internacional (IVS), Diferencias culturales, Evitación de la incertidumbre, Modelo de Ecuaciones Estructurales (MES)