Towards measuring aesthetics in the classroom: A cross-cultural translation and adaptation of an aesthetic pleasure scale in design



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Institution of Engineering Designers, The Design Society


Measuring complex constructs has always been a big challenge for researchers and educators; aesthetic pleasure is not the exception. Many scales have been proposed but with limited validity and reliability; however, the aesthetic pleasure scale from the Unified Model of Aesthetics (UMA) lacks these shortcomings. Given that our research is in a Spanish speaking country, we needed the scale to be in the local language so that it could be understood when implemented with local respondents. Most translation methods rely on the translator’s expertise but, based on social cognitive methods, our approach aims to be not only constructed for but also from the target respondents’ language. The aim of this paper is to illustrate the process that is being taken in order to gain understanding of the respondent’s vocabulary. © 2018 Institution of Engineering Designers The Design Society. All Rights Reserved.


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