Technical condition assessment of masonry structural components using Frequency Response Function (FRF)



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International Masonry Society


International standards indicate the need for adequate quality control in the production of masonry in the form of light bricks, double bricks, insulating bricks, breeze blocks, concrete blocks, etc. Quality control focuses on a set of criteria for establishing the technical condition of the bricks. The quality estimation methods, the technical condition assessment and the formulation of safety parameters for bricks are studied in this work. The paper proposes a non-intrusive method to test bricks in production plant conditions, focusing on quality control processes, as a method of conformity for units in a production line to identify the structural condition of the bricks, based on a Frequency Response Function (FRF). © 2016, International Masonry Society. All rights reserved.


Palabras clave

Accelerance function, Frequency response function, Masonry component, Non-intrusive test