Uso de derivados financieros para cubrir la exposición al riesgo cambiario de la empresa LAC SAS.


For more than 10 years financial derivatives have been incorporated into the Colombian Stock Exchange with the objective that investors can carry out speculation or hedging operations, however, empirical evidence shows that the use of these products in companies in the agricultural sector it is not yet internalized by their owners, boards of directors or administration. therefore, a theoretical construction is carried out on the derivatives market in Colombia and on the different instruments that are used in this market to determine the possible financial strategies that a company such as Línea Agrícola Colombia SAS can contemplate to mitigate exchange risk through hedging with financial derivatives. After analyzing the financial statements of the company and reviewing the impact of the difference in the change that the company has had by not using adequate hedging instruments, we will validate the feasibility of using a future (financial derivative) to reduce this risk. Through this study, it is intended to correctly structure a hedging strategy for Línea Agrícola Colombia SAS that allows it to adequately manage foreign exchange risk in order to avoid having a negative impact on the financial statements.


utilizan con el fin de determinar las posibles estrategias financieras que puede contemplar una empresa como Línea Agrícola Colombia SAS, y mitigar así el riesgo cambiario a través de coberturas con derivados financieros. Una vez se analicen los estados financieros de la empresa y se revise el impacto de la diferencia en el valor del cambio que esta ha tenido al no utilizar instrumentos de cobertura adecuados, se validará la factibilidad de utilizarlos en un futuro (derivado financiero) y de esta manera, reducir este riesgo. A través del presente estudio se pretende estructurar correctamente una estrategia de cobertura para Línea Agrícola Colombia SAS, que le permita hacer una administración adecuada del riesgo cambiario, con el fin de evitar tener un impacto negativo en los estados financieros.

Palabras clave

Derivados financieros, Contratos de futuros, Riesgo cambiario, Coberturas