Entrepreneurial orientation, assessment and management of projects and impact in corporate entrepreneurship: Intention to action



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Institute of Applied Business Economics


Corporate entrepreneurship remains a phenomenon under study due to the positive impact it has generated, first of all, over companies, strengthening their competitive advantages and increasing their value. Secondly, it contributes to the macroeconomic dynamism that occurs in nations in terms of growth, employment, income, innovation and competitiveness. Focusing on Theories of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Resources and Capabilities, the aim of this paper is to relate the entrepreneurial orientation as intention to corporate entrepreneurship as action, considering their differences and complementarities. The database used for empirical confrontation comes from the survey of 137 SME in the Colombian manufacturing sector. Multivariate analysis models and structural equations were estimated, and quantitative evidence of direct and positive relationships with both phenomena indirectly mediated by the capability to assess and manage projects will be presented. This capability has been little explored in previous studies and not proven in relation to the phenomenon analyzed. The results of the factor analysis suggest that this capability can be considered as a theoretical construct, adding theoretical developments with respect to previous studies which have included and analyzed other capabilities.


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