State of mechanical condition applied to industrial machines based on SVD method



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Universidad de Tarapaca


A problem related to the operation of industrial machines has been the identification of the mechanical condition in exploitation, via dynamic performance variables which affect the nominal behavior of machine tasks. This paper proposes a set of algorithms focused on identifying of the mechanical condition industrial machines. Therefore, a tool to the maintenance based on the condition is developed; the methodology proposed is focused on the identification of the mechanical condition through recording dynamic variables by applying vibro-estimators techniques via Single Value Decomposition (SVD) method, and development of experimental tests on industrial machines. The work has been conducted on two sets of measurements from a real case study on two identical machines, one machine having nominal operation behavior, and the other machine having a dynamic problem. © 2018, Universidad de Tarapaca. All rights reserved.


Palabras clave

Failure identification, Industrial machine, Mechanical condition, Singular value decomposition, Vibration analysis