El deber de consulta pública previa a la expedición de reglamentos en el régimen jurídico colombiano



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Universidad Externado de Colombia


The present article addresses the figure of previous and public consultation in administrative rulemaking in the Colombian legal system. Doing that, the article uses a comparative law, a systematic interpretation and a jurisprudential approach to propose some de lege ferenda and de lege data interpretation on the figure. The thesis aims to hold is that from the existing legal framework it is possible to preach the existence of the figure form certain regulations, but also in a generic form in the light of the provisions of Article 8.8 of cpaca. However, due to the imprecise way the consultation was regulated there will be desirable that the legislative branch develop it in more detail manner in the near future or the Consejo de Estado as the Colombian supreme court on this particular issue defining in a unified way the scope of the public consultation. While this occurs, this paper propose a constitutional interpretation of the institution.


Palabras clave

Administrative procedure, Participation, Public consultation, Regulation