La Revista Digital Mundo Asia Pacifico (MAP) es una publicación semestral y multidisciplinaria que busca articular el conocimiento sobre la región Asia Pacífico y su relación con América Latina desde diferentes áreas, fomentando la participación de toda la comunidad académica del país y a nivel internacional. La revista abarca temas diversos y complejos en la región que permiten evidenciar su dinamismo e importancia creciente: economía y finanzas; negocios y relaciones internacionales; educación, innovación y tecnología; cultura, sociedad y medio ambiente

e-ISSN: 2344-8172
DOI: 10.17230/map
Frecuencia: Semestral
Directora: Adriana Roldán Pérez
Editor: Camilo Alberto Pérez Restrepo

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  • The Korean Wave in Latin America as a result of multiculturalism 

    Suyai, Valentina (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-12-17)
    The popular South Korean-culture revolution in Latin America was brought about as a social and cultural paradigm supported by the economic success attained by the Asian power. Since the introduction of capitalist Fordism, ...
  • Service chaining model between the Pacific Alliance and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership 

    TORO-FERNANDEZ, JUAN FELIPE; Tijmes-Ihl, Jaime (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-12-17)
    This article compares the chapter on investments in the Additional Protocol with the Pacific Alliance Framework Agreement (PA) and the chapter on investments in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific ...
  • The impact of culture on the management of subsidiary organizations: The case of Viettel in Peru 

    H Rees, Gareth; Morales Tristán, Oswaldo; Alosilla Cruzado, Gladys; Guizado Vásquez, Sandra; Laos Raffo, Bárbara; López Melgar, Orlando (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-12-17)
    As south-south investments increase so do the issues experienced by investing companies. One of these is the impact of culture. This article analyzes the effects of the subsidiary country culture on an investing firm’s ...
  • Public images of Mexico in South Korea 

    Ryzhkov, Andrii; López Rocha, Nayelli (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-12-17)
    Public image analysis involves the process of managing a country’s image internationally. Such examination is particularly important to gain an understanding of a policy’s effectiveness in the target country and to reflect ...
  • Yanbian, the third Korea 

    Hernández, Ana María; López, Luisa Fernanda (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
  • Mongolian: that unsuspected mystery 

    Ramírez, Natalia (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
  • How immigration can boost the Japanese economy by mitigating the effects of population aging 

    Castillo, Dionisio (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    The economic impact of immigration depends on the characteristics of the host countries. Immigration has had positive results in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK. This paper seeks to demonstrate how ...
  • Cultural factors of corporate governance in South Korea 

    Guinand, Laura; Arenas, María Camila (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    The article analyzes how Confucian values influence South Korea’s tra- de culture and draws parallels with Latin America. The analysis is based on a comparison of Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture between Colom- ...
  • Okja: a critique of capitalism 

    Posada, Julián; Zuluaga, Tatiana (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    Okja is a film directed by the South Korean writer and director Bong Joon-ho and co-written by Bong and Jon Ronson, it has the participation of actors such as Steven Yeun (better known as Glenn in the series The Walking ...
  • Duality in the definition of anime 

    Álvarez, Jhenny; Melguizo, Yesenia (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    This review aims to investigate and give its opinion on the collective imagination that has been built around anime as a means of entertainment and dissemination of Japanese culture, starting from its etymology, from the ...
  • Korea 2020 Coffee Show 

    Guevara, María José (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
  • Dead Kids review 

    Zapata, Mónica (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
  • Asia, The Fourth Transformation and the Global Change of Power 

    Laborde, Adolfo Alberto; Maldonado, Marcela (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    This paper mainly places Mexico’s national interests within its foreign policy, as part of the transformation context that Mexico is currently undergoing, known as The Fourth Transformation –4T. It takes into account changes ...
  • Unicorns Gallop Rampant Through China And India: Successes And Similarities 

    Pérez, James; Marrugo, Lina; Tordecilla, Verónica (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    This study aims to explore the success and characteristics of the novel business model used by Chinese and Indian unicorn firms as well as attempts to develop a framework called CEHI (Collocation, Entrepreneurship Attitudes, ...
  • Memory and Literature: Colonization and Construction of the Past in the Novel Pachinko 

    del Valle, Verónica (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    Memory is the construction of the past and, directly linked to experience, it is related to social, cultural, or political identities. It enables ways of understanding disputes and consensus on the meaning attributed to ...
  • The Role of Women in Korea: A Review of Historical Milestones 

    Najar, Valentina (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-25)
    Women have been a key pillar for the development of Korea. Her traditional role as housekeeper and educator of children allowed certain extent the nation ́s progress, over time her role has changed due to various milestones ...
  • Dynamics Of The Relation Between Latin America And China: Cluster Analysis, 2005–2018 

    Wong, Sara A.; Valverde, Ivanna; Silva, Carlos A. (Universidad EAFIT, 2020-06-19)
    Literature discusses the symbiosis between financing loans granted by China to Latin America and exports from this region to China. This paper contributes to this literature by providing empirical evidence on the relation ...
  • Differences between Chinese and Cantonese 

    Núñez, Diego Fernando (Universidad EAFIT, 10-12-19)
  • Al detalle 

    Echeverri Zambrano, Aurora (Universidad EAFIT, 10-12-19)
  • Gao Xingjian and his literary journey 

    Calle Saldarriaga, Juan Manuel; Gaitán Rojas, María Fernanda (Universidad EAFIT, 10-12-19)

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