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    Hardware-accelerated Web Visualization of Vector Fields. Case Study in Oceanic Currents
    (2012) Aristizábal, Mauricio; Congote, John Edgar; Segura, Álvaro; Moreno, Aitor; Arregui, Harbil; Ruíz, O.
    Visualization of vector fields plays an important role in research activities nowadays -- Increasing web applications allow a fast, multi-platform and multi-device access to data -- As a result, web applications must be optimized in order to be performed heterogeneously as well as on high-performance as on low capacity devices -- This paper presents a hardware-accelerated scheme for integration-based flow visualization techniques, based on a hierarchical integration procedure which reduces the computational effort of the algorithm from linear to logarithmic, compared to serial integration methodologies -- The contribution relies on the fact that the optimization is only implemented using the graphics application programming interface (API), instead of requiring additional APIs or plug-ins -- This is achieved by using images as data storing elements instead of graphical information matrices -- A case study in oceanic currents is implemented
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