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    Multivariate index of use and appropriation of ICT in schools
    (2018) Ospina L, Mónica; Cuartas R, Daniel; Estrada S, Juan José
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    Modelo de sistema transmedial aplicado a la enseñanza de la literatura
    (2015) Vásquez Arias, Mauricio; Montoya Bermúdez, Diego;;
    The article presents a transmedial system model applicable within the classroom in areas related to the teaching of literature. The text refers to the notion of Intertextual Transmedia System , which functions as a matrix that allows the integration of different histories and their respective media, accompanied by concepts of semiotics and narrative, which serve as key categories At the service of the expansion of the fictional worlds. As an outcome, we present an example of narrative expansion that allowed us to encourage reading and the creation of new stories in different formats. Conclusions highlight the achievements of the strategy and open perspectives to continue the research in the consolidation of models applicable to ICT-mediated school scenaries. The article is a product of the systematization process of the TESO Digital Plan, which by it is acronym stands for "Transforming Education to Create Dreams and opportunities", a project "Forming the Future of Education in Colombia" funded by the Canadian agency IDRC and developed by EAFIT university.
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    Modelos para el diseño de experiencias transmedia en entornos educativos : exploraciones en torno a The Walking Dead, La Odisea y Tom Sawyer
    (2017) Montoya Bermúdez, Diego; Vásquez Arias, Mauricio;;
    This text presents two models for the design of transmedial experiences applicable from the context of the communication to pedagogical scenarios. Using research as a method through design, two transmediation practices are systematized: one of a narrative nature in formal educational contexts, and the other experiential for informal pedagogical environments; both exercises with common goals: to encourage reading and writing in different audiences, and to promote transmedia practices as dynamizers of media literacy processes, in an idea to put the media on the side of education. These proposals made it possible to demonstrate, both from the intertextual systems and from the intermediary systems, the potentialities of transmediality as an articulator vector of creation and experimentation processes. Finally, as a contribution, the text focuses on the elaboration of a methodological proposal for the transmedia design of experiences through which intermediality is considered as a broader view towards transmediation.