Being an (in)Formal Afro-Descendant Entrepreneur in Medellín, Colombia: A Case Study



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Many Afro-descendants residing in Medellin seek to have an impact on their territories to achieve and guarantee minimum economic conditions for a better communities’ quality of life and the preservation of their cultural identity. Using a propositional and qualitative approach, this chapter analyzes the process of inception and development of these black entrepreneurships, from the study of three specific cases. Entrepreneurship processes carried out by the Afro-descendant population of the District 13 in Medellin have been surrounded by an institutional context that these entrepreneurs have taken advantage of to develop their entrepreneurial activities. The entrepreneurs who participated in the study move continuously between the formal and the informal economy. While they look for opportunities to generate income through informal ways (subsistence strategies such as food preparation, cleaning, and masonry), they also use formal ways (participation in institutional programs of business entrepreneurship promotion). © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019.


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