NTCCRT: A concurrent constraint framework for soft-real time music interaction



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Asian Research Publication Network


Writing music interaction systems is not easy because their concurrent processes usually access shared resources in a non-deterministic order, often leading to unpredictable behavior. Using Pure Data (Pure Data) and Max/MSP, it is possible to program concurrency; however, it is difficult to synchronize processes based on multiple criteria. Process calculi such as the Non-deterministic Timed Concurrent Constraint (ntcc) calculus, overcome that problem by representing, declaratively, the synchronization of multiple criteria as constraints. In this article, we propose the framework Ntccrt, as a new alternative to manage concurrency in Pure Data and Max/MSP. Ntccrt is a real-time capable interpreter for ntcc. Using Ntccrt binary plugins in Pure Data, we executed models for machine improvisation and signal processing. We also analyzed two case studies: one of a machine improvisation system and one of a signal processing system. We found out that performance of both case studies is compatible with soft real-time music interaction; it means, a musician can interact with Ntccrt without noticeable delays during the interaction.


Palabras clave

Concurrent Constraint Programming (ccp), Soft Real-Time, Machine Improvisation, Signal Processing, Music Interaction, Computer Music, Process Calculi