Standardizing System of Posthandover Defects for the Construction Sector in Colombia



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American Society of Civil Engineers


Posthandover defects present in the construction industry lead to reprocesses, cost overruns, and situations of dissatisfaction for purchasers. The analysis of past experiences through a feedback process with a view to continuous improvement reduces the occurrence of defects and increases control over the consequences. However, the data on the present defects are difficult to obtain and poorly structured due to the lack of uniformity in the classification systems of posthandover defects used by the construction companies; thus, their systematization and analysis is difficult. The present study examines the development of a system to classify posthandover defects for the construction sector in Colombia and its application for validation through a case study that integrates 14,772 posthandover defects from 125 projects for 19 construction companies in Colombia. © 2019 American Society of Civil Engineers.


Palabras clave

Construction industry, Classification system, Colombia, Construction companies, Construction sectors, Continuous improvements, Cost overruns, Feedback process, ITS applications, Defects