Análisis comparativo de políticas de diseño en Europa: Clasificación y visualización de estrategias



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Universidad de Caldas


This analysis is part of the doctoral thesis project "The Design System in the Mediterranean Arc Euroregion: priorities for the characterization of a strategic model". Its purpose is to make a comparison between different design policies in Europe. This study started with a bibliographical review on the implementation of policies for strategic design in different countries and regions of Europe, as well as the analysis of competitiveness corporate ladder, competitiveness in design, innovation performance, etc. Because of these analyses, five countries and one region were selected: United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Flanders. Information coding was conducted following the grounded theory research. Segments of analysis in the literature review, which were not preconceived prior to the initiation of this investigation, were identified and grouped into categories. Subsequently, matrix analyses and relationship networks or concept maps were used to visually demonstrate and compare the strategies that make up the design policies in each country/region. In addition, a relationship between competitiveness corporate ladder, growth of competitiveness and performance in innovation with the maps of the strategies could be established. The countries in the top 15 of the different rankings are those that have a higher chromatic brand because they have a higher number of strategies that promote design as a strategy. This comparative analysis can be used in different types of design policies of any territory in order to carry out an initial detection of existing strategies and to know the complexity of a specific design policy.


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