Barriers and success factors in lean construction implementation-survey in pilot context


The study identifies a set of barriers and critical success factors (CSF) involved in the implementation of Lean Construction (LC) through three phases: Literature's Collection, with analysis and obtained information processing
Characterization and classification of barriers and CSF associated with the implementation of LC
and Identification of barriers and CSF in construction companies in the Colombian context, based on their experiences in the implementation of LC. 83 academic articles published between 1998 and 2014 were examined, being identified 110 barriers and 51 CSF based on experiences of LC's application around the world. They were grouped into six "Master Factors": people, organizational structure, supply chain, external value chain, internal value chain and externalities. The obtained information from the data was analyzed using a cause-effect matrix and a structural analysis with MIC MAC method, and the most critical barriers and success factors were determined. Furthermore, the exploration in the pilot context demonstrated a common criticality in most of these factors, and it was shown that its appearance is related to the level of evolution of LC's application.


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