Modeling and analysis of susceptibility to permanent deformation in asphalt mixtures



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Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Perm. Deformation of Asphaltic Mixtures in the Metropol. Area of Valle de Aburra - Antioquia, Which Are Built under IVIAS' Specifications and Valle de Aburra, Were Studied by Employing A Constitutive Model Proposed Previously. This Model Had Proved to Be Effective in Predicting Deformations of Asphaltic Mixtures in the U. Kingdom under Different Kinds of Loads; under Uniaxial and Triaxial Conditions and Temperatures at Intervals between 0C and 40C. for the Specific Case of Valle de Aburra, Temperatures Ranged between 20C and 50C and the Model Was Implemented in Order to Predict Susceptibility to Perm. Deformation. by Means of An Exp. Stud. on Mixtures, It Was Found That Their Behav. under Steady State Condition Followed the Model Modified by Cross2, Thus Mixtures Showed A Visco-Lin. and Non-Lin. Behav. at Low and High Stress Levels, Respectively. It Was Observed That under Loading and Unloading Conditions, There Is A Temp. Dependence on the Mat. Behav., Which Was Properly Predicted by Arrhenius3 under the Studied Temperatures Interval. When Modeling Mixtures Behav., It Was Found That That Their Strain Susceptibility Varied Widely Depending on the Constituent Mat., Especially on the Aggregate, in Spite of the Fact That the Mixtures Are Similar.


Palabras clave

Asphalt, Asphaltic mixtures, Cyclic tests, Permanent strain, Recovery