The Pacific Alliance's Relationships with its Future Associate Members: A Multidimensional View from the Perspective of Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation



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The Pacific Alliance emerged with the objective of serving as a platform for articulating the efforts of its members in matters involving trade, investment and cooperation with the Asia Pacific region. The Pacific Alliance's projection towards this region has currently become impending as it has entered negotiations with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore to become Associate members. Since these negotiations will involve the establishment of new generation economic agreements between the Pacific Alliance as a bloc and these countries, it important to study the relations with this group of countries from a multidimensional perspective, as well as to address some of the main opportunities and challenges that may arise within the framework of this process. The study concludes that there is great potential for the strengthening of commercial relations with the Associate members in the food (especially products of animal origin, dairy products, and food processing) textiles and apparel sectors, which are among the most protected. Foreign investment and economic cooperation must be channeled towards the productive sectors that have the greatest capacity to generate value chains.


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