Defining engineering characteristics of an electric kit for motorcycle hybridization in the Colombian context using QFD



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Institution of Engineering and Technology


In Colombia, air pollution problem is mainly caused by land transport, with a considerable number of internal combustion engine vehicles, and a motorcycles segment preference, electric vehicles emerge as an innovative solution to this problem. However, the country is not ready to adopt this technology on a large scale. In this way, this document proposes the development of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) methodology in order to define and categorize Engineering Characteristics (EC) of an electric hybridization kit for motorcycles in the Colombian context. The proposed kit is oriented to the Street\sport segment, with an engine displacement between 111 c.c and 135 c.c. Besides, a technical and competitive analysis of the kit, with direct competitors in the Colombian context, based on the requirements provided by a multidisciplinary group of engineers and potential users is presented. Finally, the results obtained from the methodology implementation are classified according to the PDS categories proposed by Pugh for a further stage of product design. © 2018 Institution of Engineering and Technology. All rights reserved.


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