Action research as the basis to implement enterprise integration engineering and business process management


This paper describes how Action Research (AR) provides a methodology to integrate Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Integration Engineering (EIE) -- The elements of EIE and BPM are aligned to the different stages of AR methodology to achieve a knowledge evolutional cycle to manage change within the enterprise -- The methodology is leveraged by a reference framework which helps to define strategies, evaluate performance measures, design/re-design processes and establish the enabling tools and technologies -- This methodology allows to achieve the integration of enterprise modeling and business processes to create an enterprise model, a formal structure to generate business knowledge and define a platform to achieve the interoperability between processes


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R. Mejía, L. Canche, R. Rosas, R. Camacho, M.A. Ocampo, A. Molina, "Action Research as the basis to implement Enterprise Integration Engineering and Business Process Management", in Interoperability of Enterprise Software and Applications, H. Panetto (Editor), Hermes Science Publisher, London, pp. 19 - 30, (2005), ISBN 1-905209-49-5