Application of methodologies of social appropriation of geological sciences and museum geoheritage: case Historical Museum of El Penol, Antioquia



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Geological Engineering Curriculum Program, Geosciences and Environment College of Mines Faculty, National University of Colombia - Medellin Headquarters


The museum's potential as a geographic epicenter and of social development, allowed the application of educational strategies through: physical interventions, training and implementation of informative resources in the existing geological collections; with the purpose of carrying out a dialogue of knowledge that will broaden the understanding of the territory by residents and visitors. These strategies were based on a review of the geological information of Antioquia Eastern focused on the genesis and evolution of the main geoforms. In carrying out the present work it is recommended the integration of mechanisms that facilitate the application of the National Guidelines of Social Appropriation of Geological Sciences in places like the Museum of El Penol, considering that they play a role as mediators of geological knowledge in rural Colombia.


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social appropriation; museum; geoheritage; Penol