Case Study on the Eligibility of Colombian Hass Avocado in the US Market: Opportunities in East Asia



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Centro de Estudios Asia Pacífico


This case study describes the events, circumstances, and actors involved in the official certification of Colombian Hass avocado for exportation to the US market. The research presents the characteristics of the global Hass avocado market and the challenges Colombia faces in order to comply with North American regulations regarding admissibility and importation of fruits into its territory; finally, it discusses the opportunities for this product in the East Asian markets. This article is the product of a joint academic analysis in the areas of international business and foreign trade. The structure of the article follows the writing characteristics of case studies for class analysis.


Palabras clave

Company internationalization; Hass avocado; eligibility; United States; Colombia; Latin America; agribusiness; non-tariff barriers; East Asia; international trade