Autoridade. Derivações conceituais nas teorias da administração] [Autoridad. Derivaciones conceptuales en las teorías de la administración



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Departamento de Administración de Empresas de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá


Authority implies relations of subordination and capital-labor hierarchy that are the foundation of management in organizational context. Nevertheless, in basic texts, its meaning is undeveloped because of its prescriptive and generalist character. This paper aims at establishing the concepts of authority in the most emblematic theories of management as well as in contemporary management from a critical-hermeneutic review of primary and secondary bibliography. Is necessary ?to overcome the reductionist conceptions of management based on the reflections provided by the social sciences and humanities. They assume authority as a social structure conditioned by the transformations of capitalism and from the plurality of meanings derived from the complex and multiple interactions and power relations. © 2018, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. All rights reserved.


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