Motivating subjects to drive in haste using time pressure in a simulated environment



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Since driving in haste influences traffic safety negatively, we try to identify its indicators automatically. At studying driving in haste in a driving simulator, the major issue is how to reproduce it and how to keep drivers in this state. We assumed that it could be replicated by driving under time pressure. Unfortunately, the literature did not discuss how to apply time pressure in the above context. Therefore, we applied time shortage in combination with various forms of motivation (competition, reward, etc.) as a replacement in a driving simulator. The effects of the different motivations were evaluated and compared in various laboratory settings. Our observation was that the applied forms of motivation did not result in significant difference. We concluded that the novelty of being in a driving simulator and imposing time shortage on task execution could jointly create a kind of haste situation, but it cannot be heavily influenced by the tested motivations. © 2016 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.


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