Spherical indentation behavior of asphalt mixtures



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The spherical indentation response of a dense bitumen macadam asphalt mixture with two different volume fractions of bitumen binder is investigated both experimentally and via an analytical model. The model for the indentation of bitumen developed by Ossa et al. in 2005, was used to study the spherical indentation behavior of the mixtures with good agreement when compared to experimental results. An extensive experimental study of the monotonic and recovery spherical indentation behavior is reported for a range of temperatures. In line with the predictions of the model, the monotonic indentation response of the mixtures exhibits a power-law dependence on the indentation force. The model is also successful in capturing the indentation recovery behavior of the mixtures. A comparison of the material parameters obtained from uniaxial compression and indentation tests showed that indentation tests can be used in an easy and reliable way to obtain the fundamental asphalt parameters. Further, parameters found from indentation tests implicitly account for the confining conditions generated by the aggregate particles below the indenter. © 2007 ASCE.


Palabras clave

Binders, Compressive strength, Constitutive models, Creep, Deformation, Indentation, Temperature distribution, Volume fraction, Asphalt mix, Indentation response, Asphalt, aggregate, analytical method, asphalt, compression, creep, deformation, indentation, nondestructive testing, power law, uniaxial test