Effect of the internal modulation of speckles in displacement measurements in optical vortex metrology



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The Optical Vortex Metrology is based on the possibility of characterizing, through topological and morphological parameters, each one of the vortices existing in the phase of the optical field, or in a pseudo-phase obtained by means of the Hibert, Reisz or Laguerre-Gauss transforms. On this basis, it is possible tracking and pairing the homologous vortices. Then, the locations and relative displacements between the homologous vortices are determined with sub-pixel precision. Because of the statistical nature of the measurements, their quality is determined, among other factors, by the amount of available vortices per unit area. In this work, it is proposed to use the internal modulation of the speckles to generate a significant increase in the vortex density, which can be achieved by employing a double aperture pupil optical system. Simulations of the speckle distributions are presented to analyze the increase of the vortex density as a function of the distance between the apertures, and to evaluate the influence of the increment of this density in the quality of uniform in-plane displacements measurements. The results corresponding to modulated speckles are compared with those obtained with a single aperture. © 2013 SPIE.


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