Designing with light and meaning: A design project for luminaries inspired by “The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exuspery”



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Institution of Engineering Designers, The Design Society


Teaching to design is a challenge in this era. Motivating the students to learn a systematic design process, designing exercises for them to develop basic competences as Product Design Engineers (PDE) besides that, to include the teaching of values and integrity constitute big challenges in a first year study. This paper exemplifies the union of these two thoughts: how to teach design motivating the student to learn and how to reflect about the human values of the classroom. A pedagogic strategy is formulated and developed in a basic course. Design a standing luminaire inspired by the work of universal character like the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exuspery. This ongoing project shows how the students are guided to understand their discipline in a design process integrating thought, feeling and doing with an ethics reflection designing with light and meaning. © 2019 Institution of Engineering Designers, The Design Society. All rights reserved.


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