Towards an empirical model of the UX: A factor analysis study



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Universidad de los Andes


One of the key factors to bear in mind when it comes to developing innovative products is a satisfying and pleasurable user experience (UX). Although there are many models and definitions of UX, most of them have been proposed intuitively. From themes and elements previously identified as essential for an UX model, a study of exploratory factor analysis (EFA ) was performed. We found eight factors in Before-UX-stage, 7 in During-UX and 17 in After-UX stage. Similar UX aspects are expressed in different ways trough the different stages and factors. There are differences in terms of how a factor could weight and relate to others regarding the UX-stage. Moreover, while some factors are consistent with the literature, others are new. Most of the factors give us an idea about the articulation of variables and the way some factors relate to others.


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